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SaaS Mobile App

video creation app

A mobile application built for the personalized video platform to support multiple industries like Senior Living Community, Real estate, and Multifamily to create high-quality, customized videos to drive engagement, conversions, and sales.

Learning Management System

product page optimization

Learn how we built an LMS mobile application using a user-centric design approved utilizing the latest technologies to create a seamless and engaging learning experience on the go.

Asset Management – Cloud & DevOps Adoption

cloud and devops services

With an automation-first approach for all deployments using DevOps principles, the asset management firm improved the productivity of its IT team through consistent releases & new features incorporated. (4x increase in the number of releases in just three quarters.)

Connect Mobile Application

connect mobile application

The global manufacturing firm improved customer engagement and loyalty, leading to increased brand awareness through marketing with the mobile application developed by us.

AI Chat-Bot Testing

digital assets services

A global investment management company automated testing of their chatbot web interface with robust in-house Zyna, saving around 400 hours and reducing 20 days of manual efforts to just 8 hours

Data Engineering & Analytics

centipede insights

An AI-enabled SaaS platform was built to simulate crop breeding and enhance grain quality for the Food & Biosciences industry – eliminated manual interventions, reduced monthly cloud costs by $30,000, and increased performance by 3x

Data Engineering & Data Science

data and analytics services

Learn how we created a single reliable and scalable architecture to support over 2000 business users and deliver effective data visualization and insights for our AgTech and Precision agriculture client

Agri Retailer – DevOps Adoption

By implementing CI and CD pipelines with quality checks, the Agri Retail industry achieved faster product releases and improved code quality with a 50% reduction in downtime and a 30% decrease in RCA time