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Shadow Accounting

Shadow Accounting Services

Review and monitor portfolio reporting actively for enhanced transparency, timely error detection, and real-time analytics. 

Enriched Reporting and Enhanced Control with Our Shadow Accounting Services

Our Shadow Accounting services allow clients to have outsourced full or partial accounting services for greater operational efficiency and scalability. We offer comprehensive daily and month-end reports that track fund administrators’ transaction by transaction. As a result, funds can access a near-real-time view of results without heavy spending on internal headcount and infrastructure. 

 Our experts perform daily trade processing, portfolio pricing, cash and position reconciliations, accrual posting, and periodic NAV calculations. Along with providing the transparency and oversight that helps you to monitor, control, and reduce risk, it also ensures accessibility to structured and easily broken-down reports for improved decision-making. Our services can be customized to provide complete break resolutions by liaising with fund administration services.  

Shadow accounting service offerings

Key Benefits

Allow your funds to have off-cycle reporting and real-time analytics.

Graphic of Expert Advantage

Expert Advantage

Expert Advantage with the team comprises a wealth of experience in the fund space bringing best practices across asset classes and processes.

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Transparency by having access to accurate reports on shadow accounts, shadow NAVs, positions, balances, valuations, and other metrics.

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Driving Digital

With our Driving Digital approach, have a dedicated IT team with strong automation capabilities for improved speed and accuracy. 

Graphic of Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing model available to save money by eliminating the need to invest in internal teams, infrastructure, and technology

Graphic of Customized solution

Customized solution

Customized solution where you can choose partial or full shadow services based on the fund’s strategic approach.

Graphic of Independent Validation

Independent Validation

Independent Validation of Administrator Services to identify and address high risks on time.

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