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Client Relations

Client Relations Services

One-Stop for all your Client Relations needs that handles Product Management, Diligence Services, Client Services, Marketing, and Corporate Communication & Branding by leveraging cross-functional team expertise.

Deliver superior values to marketing and business development with multi-functional expert teams.

With the increasing demand for better reporting, transparency, and due diligence by clients, the need for efficient client communication/ servicing is critical. We manage comprehensive internal processes, including administrative work, diligence services, product management, and customer services. We ensure efficiency, scale, and operational discipline with our support services for the client relations operations team.

Key Offerings for Client Relations


Maintain and update monthly/quarterly brochures, customized review books, and factsheets with performance, accounting, market commentaries, etc., across strategies.


Work on new fund launch activities and marketing webcasts.


Corporate communication and branding.

Data Maintenance

Company personnel data maintenance to answer personnel-related information in RFPs and brochures.


Client questionnaires support responding to RFP questions related to the firm, fund, and product overview.


Maintain and update client information on the CRM platform (Client contacts, investment details, and supporting documents)

Report and Address Issues

Post standard reports on the client portal and address issues with portal access.


Process client onboarding and transfers

How We Deliver Value?

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Assist in aligning your product offering to market expectations and demand.

Graphic of Key Insights

Key Insights

Provide key insight through market research to keep abreast of market changes and competitors.

Graphic of Risk Management

Risk Management

Help identify and manage risk areas that may result in financial loss.

Graphic of Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Proactive in understanding and managing client expectations to ensure satisfaction.

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Cost-effective and high-quality service with a quick turnaround time.

Enable high-quality client servicing/ communication services with dedicated resources working collaboratively as an extension of your marketing team.