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IT Infrastructure Management Services

Optimize and scale IT infrastructure while delivering efficiency and keeping costs in check.

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A holistic IT Infrastructure Management Services to help you scale, be agile, and move your business forward.

CES IT Infrastructure Management Services provide a scalable and agile infrastructure, facilitating improved business performances. We help enterprises manage technology, operations, and data to optimize their IT infrastructure. The service comprises hardware, network management, data storage, security, and cloud-based services operations and management. Our rich service portfolio spans the entire infrastructure lifecycle of Plan-Build-Run-Monitor.

We deliver consistent service meeting defined SLAs using a team of trained and certified professionals, established processes, and effective deployment methods. In addition, our depth and breadth of knowledge of newer technologies such as DevOps, software-defined services, open-source tools, and technology partner ecosystem help us to address all your cloud and IT infrastructure needs.

Having worked with diverse clients, we bring an extensive understanding of all layers of IT infrastructure and the interfaces required to provide uninterrupted business services. We aim to ensure that small, medium, and large enterprises get exceptional value from their cloud and IT infrastructure assets.

Our Service Offerings

CES IT Infrastructure Management Services is a one-stop integrated suite of services for managing everything related to IT Infrastructure Management across distributed, hybrid, and cloud IT environments.

System Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure includes servers, storage devices, CPU resources, routers, switches, cloud, software, and the performance of your network devices. We help you save money and time by troubleshooting the issues quickly.

Service desk

Manages incidents and service requests and handles user communications for issues like disconnections, outages, failure to log in, etc. Our service desk helps deliver quality service and support to our clients on time.

Data center hosting

Migrate data and applications to the hosted data center. We provide the essential operating environment to the data center facility for storage and backup maintenance. We help you with data center infrastructure redundancy if there is any disaster.

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)

Our service allows backup of data and IT infrastructure to recover the access and functionality of the data after any disaster.

Identity and access management (IAM)

Enable easy management of your digital identities with the right framework, consisting of applicable processes, and technologies. We ensure only relevant data gets shared with authenticated users by following data governance.


Outsource your infrastructure and development platform where we manage servers, storage, networking, and maintaining operating systems, middleware, virtualization, and runtime.


We support all the IT infrastructure necessary to use the software. As a result, you can access software applications without the obligation of managing the infrastructure yourself.

We help enterprises scale and optimize their IT Infrastructure to become secure, agile, productive, and competent for delivering a unified experience to end customers.

We offer the skill, experience, and tools as per your business needs and priorities to help you run and manage your IT infrastructure optimally.

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Boost Productivity

Build an IT infrastructure that connects departments and streamlines processes to unify and get the total picture of the operations. Automation of routine processes and skilled outsourcing expertise will expand your efficiency.

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Cost Savings

Save money by adhering to best practices on managing, monitoring, resolving issues faster, and automation. Reduce the overhead cost by leveraging global capabilities

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Improved User Satisfaction

Improve user and customer satisfaction by enhancing IT infrastructure performance, providing quicker provisioning, performing faster service-related changes, and reducing downtime through accelerated support and resolutions.

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Leverage Visibility

Gain visibility across your complex IT infrastructure for a deeper insight to align with business objectives and user needs. With complete IT asset and cloud resource visibility, optimize your expenses, minimize waste, and maintain superior reliability and stability for users.

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Improved IT Decisions

Identify and allow when to update and upgrade systems and where and how to mitigate risks by managing your entire IT infrastructure through an integrated and effective model.

Transform and modernize your IT infrastructure with a dedicated and expert partner.