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Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Technologies

AI-Assisted Gate Operations for a leading beverage manufacturer in the USA.

Loading time optimization by 56%, Cost reduction due to operational inefficiency, Efficiency-enhancing process automation, SMS driver support interface.

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Project name: Check-in & Check-out
Duration: 6 months
No. Of Engineers: 5
Complexity: High
Software used: React, Python with YOLO, CosmoDB, Azure

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Business Need

Implement key strategies and technologies for efficient check-in process and safety compliance.

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  • Complex integration of AI systems in gate operations required coordination and compatibility assessment.
  • AI-assisted gate operations required data accuracy, quality, privacy, security, reliability, flexibility, user acceptance, and regulatory compliance.

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  • Created lightweight mobile web interface for drivers waiting in queues, utilizing high-resolution cameras and AI models.
  • AI-powered trailer inspection detected obstructions, safety concerns, and made real-time decisions.

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