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Reconciliation as a Service 

Enhance efficiency and boost accuracy in reconciliation operations with reliable managed reconciliation services and a robust CashTrax technology platform.

Transform Reconciliation Operations

Reconciling cash, positions, and transactions is critical to portfolio management. Our reconciliation as a service offers solutions for reconciling clients’ books of accounts against prime brokers, custodians, fund administrators, and other stakeholders. This process includes reconciling the transaction, holdings, receivables, payables, etc.

The daily task is complex, error-prone, and tedious. Taking a pre-emptive approach to managing breaks as and when they occur throughout the trade lifecycle: We deliver greater visibility into reconciliations and outstanding positions to our clients with our automation and domain expertise.

We enable process optimization for transaction matching, dispute management, settlement of balances, exception handling, reporting, and governance mechanism. The customized dashboards and client portals for monitoring and evaluating the reconciliation with defined parameters ensure actionable business intelligence.

Improve speed, accuracy, and reliability of the reconciliation to adjustment process by automating your routine and high-volume transactional processes.

Auto Data

Auto retrieval of data from Prime Broker, Custodian, and other related parties.


Validation of data and transform the data if needed.

Custom Rules

Reconcile the data as per the customized rules defined for portfolios.

Break Summary

Break summary preparation and highlights the breaks

Smart Reports

Unified reconciliation output file containing the breaks across funds.

Utilize cutting-edge CashTrax technology platform and dedicated reconciliation services to maximize efficiency and eliminate capital investment.

Graphic of Centralized reconciliation

Centralized reconciliation

Centralized reconciliation with a unified output file containing the breaks across funds.

Graphic of Rule-Based


Customized rule-based reconciliation platform supports a diversified range of funds.

Graphic of Accurate


Wide range of complete and accurate reports are available, which are helpful for break analysis.

Graphic of Transparency


Comprehensive audit trails allow high transparency and visibility

Graphic of Dispute management

Dispute management

Dispute management, where we suggest applicable actions on disputed transactions as per pre-programmed norms.

Graphic of Cost-efficient


Cost-efficient and flexible models help reduce costs significantly by 80%.

Graphic of Boost speed

Boost speed

Improve speed and reliability with our proprietary automation tool, CashTrax, which manages higher transaction volumes with a lower headcount.

Driving Digital

Our Automation tool “CashTrax” can manage higher transaction volumes with a lower headcount and help realize operational alpha. Powered by our “CashTrax tool” Managed Services, our reconciliation team manages the entire reconciliation process in the cloud with the transparency of “audit anytime. As a result, you can check the status of any portfolio and its transactions anywhere in the process.

Streamline, automate, and optimize costs with our reliable services and technology tools.