Purchase to Pay

Streamlining the Purchase-to-Pay Process to improve efficiency.

Revitalize Your Purchase-to-Pay Process

Our purchase-to-pay services offer an entire range of Accounts Payable activities – from Vendor Setup & Maintenance, Scanning, Indexing, Coding, Invoice Processing, and Vendor Helpdesk to processing payments while helping our customers keep their vendors happy.

Deep industry expertise and partnership approach allow us to understand our client-specific needs and devise customized solutions. We help revitalize your P2P processes, implement the latest technology, and enable year-on-year savings by empowering your entire procurement lifecycle

Our service offerings enable your businesses to reduce repetitive tasks, save time, ensure compliance, minimize paperwork, and improve the purchasing experience.

Establish Needs

  • Evaluate company requirements.
  • Generate specifications for products.

Generate Requisition

  • Generate purchase specifications


  • Review purchase requisitions.
  • Authorize purchase request

Create Purchase Order

  • Generate purchase order for accepted purchase requisitions.

Purchase Orders Approval

  • Ensure accuracy and legitimacy of requested items.
  • Negotiate, approve or reject a purchase order.

Receipt Of Goods

  • Receive shipment notice
  • Receive goods
  • Ensure goods match PO quality

Approval of Invoice

  • Record invoice
  • Match invoice to purchase order or receipt
  • Approve invoice


  • Schedule payment
  • Pay supplier

How We Deliver Value?

Process Optimization representation image

Process Optimization

Optimize with an SLA-driven P2P process for improved efficiency.

Quicker Payments representation image

Quicker Payments

Optimize with an SLA-driven P2P process for improved efficiency.

Digital Support representation image

Digital Support

Leverage the latest technology & tools for agile P2P processes.

Cost Effective representation image

Cost Effective

Achieve cost savings with reduced processing costs.

Customized Reporting representation image

Customized Reporting

Access insightful financial data for informed and intelligent business decisions.

The power of CENTIPEDE

Using Centipede’s inbuilt OCR and AI (machine-learning) modules, an automated workflow triggers the data extraction from the scanned invoices. The critical data like – vendor name, invoice number, tax, amount, etc., is automatically extracted from the invoices and made available for the AP systems to consume. This helps eliminate manual and repetitive tasks and avoid any delay in payments.

Transform your purchase-to-pay processes for better efficiency and agility.

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