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Expense Allocation

Expense Allocation Services

Ensure expenses are allocated accurately across your funds with a clear audit trail.

Our experienced group allocates expenses abiding by governance policies and procedures.

Asset management is not a cost-free exercise, and the handling of expenses of an asset is a key concern for investors, investment managers, fund governing bodies, and regulators. As a result, the allocation of expenses to funds is a challenging process. Expense allocation depends on accepted principles, expense allocation policies & procedures, local governing body policies and procedures, disclosure and transparency of investors’ information, investor expectations, and the nature and types of expenses.

Our experienced Expense allocation group allocates various expenses such as Business Development, Fund operations, Fund protection, Investment monitoring and management, Organizational costs, Board meeting expenses, and fees for various professional services. We handle allocations based on the different methodologies as per policies and procedures prescribed by the Expense allocation governance team and other expense allocation policies and procedures.

Key Offerings for Expense Allocation Services


Fund Specific

When the work done can be identified to a specific fund.


Values reported on a monthly basis.


No of people using the services.


Based on holdings of the specific asset types as recorded in our systems.

LE Ownerships

As defined in the ownership documents of the specified legal entity

Strategy Specific Allocation

When the work is done for the benefit of investing funds or all funds

Pro Rata allocations

Provided by Fund Accountants monthly (Commitments/Capital splits)

How We Deliver Value?

Graphic of Accurate Allocation

Accurate Allocation

Ensure expenses are allocated accurately across your funds with an audit trail.

Graphic of Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Increase client satisfaction with enhanced visibility around fees and expenses.

Graphic of Save Time

Save Time

Shift valuable staff time of the onshore team from expense management to value-added responsibilitie

Get comprehensive expense allocation services through a dedicated team for accuracy and visibility.