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Ensure efficient Workday deployment and enable business growth.

Simplifying Workday Management

You’ve decided to make a substantial investment in Workday; you’re live. Is it time to celebrate? Not just yet. Of course Workday is one of the most popular business solutions for managing HR information. It handles a host of services from Human Resources, Workforce Planning, Recruiting, Talent Management, org chart creation and audit and internal controls. All data stored and software housed on the cloud.

Many world-class organizations partner with Workday to manage their day-to-day human resource related tasking. With a reputation and client list such as that of Workday, you might think you need only implement the service and you’re off and running. While Workday is an outstanding HR platform, there are further considerations. First, if you haven’t already implemented Workday, why take on the growing pains? Make use of the skilled team of experts at CES to get you up and running fast. If you’re already using Workday, allow us maintain and extend your Workday functionality.

Like any software, cloud-based or otherwise, there will be many changes to manage in the future. In fact, Workday specifically rolls out two planned major releases every year in addition to incremental changes. The investment you’ve made is just the beginning; you now need to maximize that investment by managing post-implementation releases and enhance functionality utilizing custom extensions. This is where CES can help you make the most of Workday.

Here are just a few of the Workday functions that CES can manage for you:

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Workday’s HRM helps model your workforce according to your organization’s business needs. It adheres to common global practices and unique local requirements as needed. Of course, it also allows customers to access Workday anytime, anywhere, since it’s also designed for mobile devices.

Workforce Planning

Workday delivers insight into your current workforce and future needs. Its planning software enables your HR department to understand your current workforce and their specific skills, costs, and performance; knowledge that helps predict future personnel needs and create strategies to recognize and solve problems


Workday is an end-to-end recruitment solution. It helps HR on-board new hires. With all necessary data in single recruiting system, HR can make more-informed decisions and hire more expeditiously. Take action anytime, anywhere by reviewing candidate profiles. New job requisitions can be created in just a single action. Applicants can even upload their relevant job skill information online and from social media. Auditing and Internal Controls

In Workday, every transaction of every object is audited. This feature ensures efficiency of internal and external audits. It records all transactions with complete audit trails. It easily combines financial and operational records for audits. Workday keeps an in-memory, comprehensive copy of HR’s data to facilitate accurate reports at your convenience. Customers are enabled to run ad-hoc reports at will.

This is just a short list of the powerful Workday functionality CES can place at your disposal. There are many more. CES is well equipped to be the bridge between you and your Workday staffing needs.

Learn how we can make your Workday implementation a success with our domain expertise.