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Run your cloud environment efficiently by optimizing costs and improving productivity.

CES is a leading Managed Service provider with expertise across on-premises, cloud, hybrid IT, and multi-cloud environments enabling business agility.

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Cloud management and operations determine and define the processes and procedures to optimize IT services within the cloud environment. This involves the management of both hardware and software as well as network infrastructures to promote a lean and efficient cloud. Cloud operations management must be predictive and proactive to be successful.  

CES is a leading Managed Service provider with expertise across on-premises, cloud, hybrid IT, and multi-cloud environments enabling business agility. We helped organizations accomplish high availability and continuous optimization across the business application ecosystem.  Enabling a unified cloud experience with better visibility and control, our cloud management offers secure and consistent services across Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud platforms. We make enterprise application owners manage their budget and security easily through CloudOps.  

Our Service Offerings

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OS Management

Simplify the cloud through our proactive monitoring and management, assuring seamless functioning of the operating systems in the cloud. Service contains OS patching and reactions to vulnerabilities and security issues.

Cloud Optimization

Manage resource consumption and economy of spending, adhering to the best practices and cloud governance standards. Reduce costs by infrastructure standardization, optimal resource utilization, and cloud automation.

Monitoring & Alerting

For optimized cloud operations, have an end-to-end view of the system’s condition and proactively foresee and address possible issues before they occur.

Access Control

Access control gives users the right privileges to manage and operate cloud resources. Set up effective access control, safeguarding only the right users have the right level of access to the right resources and avoid data breaches.

Backup and Recovery

Prevent ongoing downtime and data loss for your organization through appropriate backup and recovery procedures when incidents occur.

Optimize spending, maximize security and compliance, minimize waste, and utilize expert knowledge.

Our Key Benefits

Transform Complex IT Environments into High-Performance Engines

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Improved Quality

By consistently delivering high-quality ensuring SLA is met, we help you bring down complexity and cut overall costs.

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Enhanced Efficiency

Get custom recommendations for your workloads to improve resource utilization and benefit.

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Cost Optimization

Reach cost optimization by reducing your overall cloud expenses by identifying mismanaged resources and eliminating waste.

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Heightened Security

Improve security by monitoring all workloads and performing hundreds of critical, pre-built security best-practices checks to help you diminish security gaps and risks.

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Build automated processes that monitor your environment to free uptime for strategic tasks.

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Simplify cloud management with various cloud management tools and infrastructure standardization to make applications more scalable and interoperable in the cloud.

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Backup and Recovery

Keep data readily available and protect it from data loss in case of a system failure or an incident through our efficient procedures.

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Get granular visibility with an end-to-end view of your cloud resources and costs for complete transparency and accurate capacity planning.

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Minimum Downtime

Execute hardware and software updates without any disruption during the deployment process.

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