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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics Services

Modern Analytics solutions with quicker time to value, high quality, and lower cost.

Unlock powerful business insights by tapping into a wealth of data.

 With increasingly growing data, it is essential to harness data to get insights that will help make intelligent business decisions. An effective data analytics solution helps businesses gain valuable insights and allows informed decision-making in today’s global economy.

Over the years, our competent teams have been delivering successful analytical solutions to diverse clients. We specialize in providing Digital Intelligent solutions that help our customers make improved decisions in the evolving digital space. Our focus areas are Data Strategy, Visualization, Analytics, and Data Management solutions.

We help clients move towards prescriptive and cognitive business practices leveraging data intelligence. We build Digital Intelligence with

  • Internal Data – Transactional Data, Customer Data, and Financial Data
  • External Data – News & Events, Social Media Chatter, and Reports & Secondary Data
  • Futuristic Data – Internet of Things (IoT), Images & Videos

We work closely with our clients in a consultative manner to build solutions that seamlessly handle structured and unstructured data. Our analytical approach and framework help reduce the hype & noise thrown by the data, keeping it simple yet effective.


Our Modern Data and Analytics Capabilities

We use the data strategy planning approach to support organizations in building the data competency that prioritizes scope based on value, increases trust in data, and improves alignment with business data needs.

Modern Data and analytics

DataOps Automation

In the evolving development lifecycle, we always put developments with DataOps practices, which enables rapid development. This adds substantial value to the SDLC lifecycle via quick releases and improves output quality.

Data Ops automation

One-Stop-Shop for Data and Analytics Services

Data Management

End-to-End services that include Consulting, Data Modelling, Solution Architecting, Data Migration, Data Integration, and Data Governance.

Data Visualization

Building a visually intuitive interface with interactive reports and dashboards. The digital skins on top of the traditional ERP layer are visually rich with appealing charts and graphs.


Derive insights from structured and unstructured data for both predictive and prescriptive solutions.

Cloud Adoption

Enable data movement from on-premises instances to the cloud in a seamless way.

Analytic alliance

Our Differentiators

Graphic of Data-driven decisions for improved business value

Data-driven decisions for improved business value

You gain actionable insights and have a competitive advantage by harnessing the power of data.

Graphic of Tailored solutions aligned with your needs

Tailored solutions aligned with your needs

We offer technology-agnostic customized solutions that fit your unique business requirements, regardless of your industry and current analytics maturity.

Graphic of Leverage advanced analytics

Leverage advanced analytics

We use the latest technologies and methodologies to provide insights and solutions that go beyond traditional BI.

Graphic of One-stop-shop for all your Data & Analytics needs

One-stop-shop for all your Data & Analytics needs

We offer everything from Data Collection to Consumption, Data Ingestion to Data Modelling, Descriptive Analytics (BI) to Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics (AI/ML), and DataOps services.

Graphic of Data Development life cycle with expert guidance

Data Development life cycle with expert guidance

Our experienced data analytics experts provide consultation and implementation to help you navigate the data landscape efficiently and allow informed decisions.

Graphic of Accelerate development cycles with DataOps practices

Accelerate development cycles with DataOps practices

Our implementation of DataOps practices help release data quickly and improve output quality, adding more value to the Data Development Life Cycle (DDLC).

Graphic of Keep your data secure and compliant

Keep your data secure and compliant

We ensure that business data is protected and meet regulatory requirements by providing consultation and support in data security, observability, and governance.

Give purpose to your data by collaborating with us on our Data and Analytics Capabilities.