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Managed DevOps

Make your development/operation workflow responsive, agile, and efficient for faster delivery and streamlined processes.

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Synergize processes and align teams between development and operations for business agility and efficiency

For reduced costs and enhanced quality, the rapidly evolving IT market requires operational agility. CES understands how essential DevOps solutions are in the fast-paced digital world. We provide end-to-end DevOps services to speed up application delivery, improving enterprise scalability and uptime.

DevOps employ tools and practices to automate complicated and slow processes, allowing you to release software updates frequently. At CES, our DevOps solutions help you achieve agile automation and deploy updates that respond to your business needs and development. With continuous integration and delivery (CI/ CD), your business can effectively manage development, testing, and deployment as one seamless process without wasting time.

We have demonstrated expertise with leading DevOps tools such as Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, ELK Stack, and Prometheus. Our DevOps knowledge played a vital role in setting a smooth project-wide communication flow resulting in quick identification and elimination of bottlenecks.

The time, experience, or specialized skills to implement DevOps transformation while meeting everyday responsibilities is challenging for the enterprises. Whether you plan to adopt DevOps for the first time or scale it across your enterprise, our full

suite of DevOps services supports you in every part of the implementation process. CES can provide the right strategy, tools, and skills to drive greater adoption.

The Method

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DevOps Assessment

We advise on the tools and services required for automation deployment after analyzing the needs and key challenges of the existing development workflow.

DevOps Automation

We help to mitigate risk, reduce time to market and increase productivity by automating end-to-end application delivery through effective business automation.

DevOps Management

We enable seamless execution of the delivery pipeline automation cycle and make changes to the automated deployment cycle according to the client’s needs.

Benefits of using DevOps as a service

Why you should choose CES Managed DevOps Services?

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Partner with a team of specialists who have a deep understanding and experience of CD tools and systems and know-how to integrate different tools and systems to create fully functioning, cohesive delivery pipelines.

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Innovate Faster

Nurture a rapid development workflow by speeding up the software development life cycle that boosts deployment frequency decreasing time to market.

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Be Scalable

Scale up or down your DevOps capability and get rid of the infrastructure and administrative costs of hiring more resources.

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Implement automation testing that helps you switch between continuous testing and delivery quickly and provides a feedback mechanism for quick error detection and correction.

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Improved Quality

We are focussed on meeting and delivering specific results defined in the service level agreements and eliminating waste.

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Ensure Stability

Align your teams around a shared code to identify problems proactively in the deployment process and enhance the resiliency and security of your apps.

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Better Collaboration

Following industry-best practices drive collaboration and efficiency by ensuring teams share work, discuss changes, and review feedback in one place with DevOps culture.

Optimize development/ Operations workflow with effective CI/ CD implementation, unified microservices, insightful monitoring, and successful collaboration.

Managed DevOps on the platform of your choice (Azure/ AWS/ Google Cloud)

DevOps Assessment & Advice

Our engineers assess your current development workflow and propose various tools/ processes to help you adopt the optimal DevOps model.

Custom DevOps Development

Despite the platform your company uses, we can help you adapt custom tools suitable for your specific business needs.

CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

Implement the build-test-release process according to your precise needs and challenges to avoid any disconnect in the planning, design, and deployment.

Cloud Migration

Move your organization’s IT infrastructure to the cloud platform of your choice to reap all the benefits of cloud computing.

DevOps Engineering

Under this, our DevOps team monitors, manages and supports the health of your databases, servers, and other systems.

Infrastructure Automation

Provision through code automatically rather than manually to handle all your infrastructure management and maintenance tasks with better agility and efficiency.

Ready to take the next step. Enable unified application delivery and improve organizational business agility.