SKU Building

Set up, optimize, and manage online product catalogs as a low-cost professional service.

An effective content enrichment strategy for engaging with shoppers must start with a well-optimized product page design, layout, and overall structure of the information on a product page.

Shoppers will abandon product pages in a heartbeat if they cannot intuitively and quickly navigate through product assortments and styles to make informed shopping decisions.

Complete, accurate, standardized product information and assets for online SKUs are a must regardless of retailer type, size, and business priorities. Online merchandizing managers understand the need to meaningfully categorize their products, ensure faceted navigation, and present product information to shoppers in a structured manner so their digital tools and platforms can deliver the intended benefits – greater conversions and revenue growth.

For 20+ years, we have been helping retailers and marketplaces of all types and sizes with our custom SKU building services. We have supported the largest retailers and marketplaces to improve their product data taxonomies and helped them onboard millions of products adhering to high product data quality standards. Our cost-effective and professional services are tool and platform agnostic. Similarly, we can deliver proven value regardless of the level of automation in a retailer’s SKU building and content enrichment processes.

Our Key Benefits

Proven domain expertise representation image

Proven domain expertise

20+ years of SKU building and content enrichment expertise.

Business model flexibility representation image

Business model flexibility

Highly customizable services solve the toughest data challenges.

Operational agility representation image

Operational agility

Ability to ramp up/down the level of assistance as per seasonal demands.

Technology agnostic representation image

Technology agnostic

Expertise in modern tools and manual assistance options.

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