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EHR Customizations

Stay efficient and compliant with the latest EHR standards, along with saving time & money by utilizing our expertise in transformative technologies and round-the-clock support.

Building first-rate IT systems / enhancements for EHR requirements

The power of Information Technology (IT) is mandatory for successful business operations in the healthcare industry. Healthcare sector players have recognized the importance of IT in their enterprises. With focus on meaningful use, interoperability, quality care and a data driven approach, CES brings exceptional knowledge and experience to healthcare IT.

We build first-rate IT systems/enhancements for Electronic Health Record (EHR) requirements. Our extensive expertise in data integration, application development, user-interface development, testing and round-the-clock support, allows us to provide solutions for organizations in all fields of medicine including; behavioral and mental health, general medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, worker’s compensation and a myriad of other medical specialties. We design, build and deliver software engineering services, from preparation of charter documentation, defining the purpose and scope of your business IT, to system testing and deployment of the completed solution.

CES has a long history of expertise in data migration. We provide the following services for EHR customization:

Data Volume Analysis

CES takes advantage of the vast amount of data available to medical providers. We excel at analyzing big data in the healthcare space to create applications that make your organization stand out among competitors in your field.

Data Scheme Analysis

Schema is a term that refers to the structure of a database system in a formal language. It is a blueprint of the construction of any database system. Schema describes the data items, mapping and constraints imposed on a particular database. Through our mastery of database systems construction, we will design and document the appropriate database system for your enterprise. We guarantee our clients a reliable, high-quality database system.

Data Preservation Solutions

The main goal of data preservation is to protect data from being lost or destroyed and to contribute to the reuse and progression of the data. Through the use of metadata; the term used for ‘data about the data’, CES’s solutions maintain the safety and integrity of your data.

Understanding HIPPA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA), is United States law that ensures privacy and security of a patient’s medical information. HIPPA also provides patients the right to view their medical records and request changes to incorrect information. All medical providers are required to adhere to HIPPA. CES understands the complicated nature of HIPPA requirements and builds solutions that strictly adhere to HIPPA standards. You can rely on CES to keep your data secure and compliant.

The CES team provides in-depth experience with major database systems such as Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL / Percona, Maria DB, and more. In addition, we also provide data mining and reporting, data cleaning preparation and ETL services.

You can count on CES to work closely with your team of IT experts to deliver the best solution for your organization. We painstakingly gather and document your requirements, design and build your system, including the user interface, that will produce measurable results to your business. When it comes to EHR customization, you can rely on CES to exceed your expectations.

Tap into the power of technology for your healthcare business needs.