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Digital Transformation Enablement, Healthcare, Quality Engineering

HHA & Hospice EHR QA Automation for a Healthcare software provider based in the USA.

The release cycle time was shortened by 60%. The test execution time was minimized by 84%.

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Project name: HHA & Hospice EHR QA Automation
Duration: 9 months
No. Of Engineers: 3
Complexity: Medium
Software used: Selenium, C#, RestSharp

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Business Need

Improve efficiency, increase test coverage, and ensure accurate and reliable testing of complex systems.

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  • Difficulty in creating user-friendly automation framework for QA teams.
  • Automation challenges included diverse requirements, skill variations, maintenance, integration, adoption, training, scalability, and performance.

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  • Conducted exploratory tests on business workflows, processes, and metrics.
  • Zyna’s test automation enhanced business procedures, integrated testing into CI/CD pipeline.

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