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Closed-End Fund Accounting

Closed-End Fund Accounting Services

One-stop for your Closed-End Fund Accounting services that deliver seamless workflows adopting automation and proven best practices.

Our expert accounting professionals across the Closed-End Private Equity strategies deliver a complete, one-stop-shop asset servicing solution. Our service delivery framework provides customized client offerings where our fund accounting team works as an extension of your team.

We service the entire range of investment fund structures across various strategies. We offer support for record maintenance, statutory Filings, waterfall calculations, preparing financial statement reporting, and more. In addition, we also help our clients in distinct scenarios by migrating their accounting books of records from one accounting application to another with a robust technology platform.

Key Offerings for Closed-End Fund Accounting

Expert Management

  • Preparation of monthly management reports and quarterly partner statements.
  • Calculation of performance indices such as Internal rate of return, time-weighted return, and multiples
  • Preparing financial statements, maintaining trial balance, and supporting documentation per relevant accounting standards.


  • Maintain support schedules for accruals.
  • Performing Waterfall calculations for investors across classes, including management fees for special fee partners.
  • Preparation of Distribution and Capital Call notices for investors.

Regulatory reporting

  • Regulatory reporting, including FORM PF, CPO QPR, and AIFMD.
  • Investment performance Summary for the deals and funds.
  • Preparation of weekly cash and position holdings for each strategy

Flash reporting

  • Flash reporting across various strategies of funds.
  • Prepare checks and wire instructions.

Our Key Benefits

Graphic of Effortless workflow

Effortless workflow

Effortless workflow enables reduced administrative burden through efficient, tested practices.

Graphic of Eliminate staffing challenges

Eliminate staffing challenges

Eliminate staffing challenges by utilizing our domain-experienced accounting professionals.

Graphic of Driving Digital

Driving Digital

With our Driving Digital approach, you can access a dedicated IT team with strong automation capabilities for improved speed and accuracy.

Graphic of Flexible & Cost-Effective

Flexible & Cost-Effective

Flexible & Cost-Effective engagement and pricing models customized to client-specific needs.

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