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Efficiency Unleashed: CES Expertise in Seamless Integration of Fleetio and Oracle Fusion Cloud for a Leading Client

Fleet maintenance management software

The global fleet maintenance management software market is projected to boom, reaching an estimated $79.82 billion by 2030. While fleet maintenance management software is poised for explosive growth, many organizations lack formal systems. This inefficiency gap translates into rising maintenance costs, unplanned downtime, and the struggle to comply with regulations.

60% of companies are unaware of the rich data available that could enhance fleet operations and significant opportunities for operational improvement leading to cost savings are often overlooked.

A Closer Look into Fleet Maintenance Management Transformation for a Global Firm

Our client, a leading Canadian excavation services company, found itself grappling with the same reality. Their extensive and multifaceted fleet, supporting a diverse range of industries, was a key driver of their revenue. The client quickly realized the hindrances to their ambitious growth plans, which demanded a proactive, data-driven, strategic approach to fleet maintenance management. After implementing the solution, the client estimated savings above $5M annually!

Let’s dive into the specific opportunities to remove the hindrances:

  • Improve process efficiencies: Automate or simplify the manual processes that were creating workflow bottlenecks.
  • Improve fleet utilization: Lack of visibility to maintenance activity forced shorter maintenance cycles that were impacting the top line and bottom line. Develop data insights about all aspects of fleet maintenance activities for optimal fleet utilization
  • Improve scalability of maintenance operations: Current processes and systems could not support the ambitious growth plans of the company. With the fleet being the primary revenue driver, rapid growth required rapid fleet expansion which in turn demanded a scalable way to manage maintenance activities and support growing operational demands effectively.
  • Streamline Supplier Payments: As the company relies on external suppliers for fleet maintenance, supplier satisfaction is paramount to minimizing fleet downtime. The payment process needed improvement to make timely and accurate payments to enhance processing efficiency.

In essence, our client needed a comprehensive solution to transform their fleet management from a manual, cumbersome process into a well-oiled engine of efficiency. To address these challenges and meet their specific business goals, we as their IT partner assisted them in selecting an appropriate product vendor for fleet maintenance management software platform (Fleetio), and integrating Fleetio with Oracle Fusion Cloud for payment processing.

Proactive Fleet Maintenance Management from the Ground up with CES Expertise

As a product, Fleetio is aimed at centralizing and streamlining all facets of fleet operations, eliminating manual processes, spreadsheets, and outdated software with its comprehensive platform. Also tailors preventative maintenance schedules for each vehicle, and proactively identifies areas to save money.

A brief overview of the key features of the cloud-based software:

  • Fleet asset management (acquisition, allocation, operation, remarketing)
  • Fuel management (analysis, optimization)
  • Tire management (location, condition tracking)
  • VIN decoding (vehicle specs, maintenance schedule retrieval)
  • Driver assignment management (calendar view)
  • Vehicle location history tracking
  • Fleet reporting (maintenance, operations)
  • Expense tracking & cost analysis (acquisition to disposal)
  • Fleet dashboards (real-time productivity overview)
  • Vehicle lifecycle management (replacement policies, cycle optimization)

Fleetio’s robust functionalities seamlessly integrate with Oracle Fusion Cloud through a variety of methods, creating a hub for managing your entire fleet.

Here’s a breakdown of how CES integrated key Fleetio modules with Oracle Fusion Cloud:

  • Timely Vehicle Creation: We automated the addition of newly manufactured vehicles from Oracle Fusion Cloud in Fleetio, ensuring accurate records and tracking for the client.
  • Updated Vehicle Information: We automated vehicle cost center and status updates from Fleetio to the Scheduling system (Oracle Field Services Cloud), ensuring accurate cost allocation and timely operational planning for the trucks.
  • Effortless Vehicle Data Transfer: We seamlessly transferred Vehicle data from Fleetio to Lytx, a system that is deployed to improve their fleet and safety monitoring.
  • Simplified Part Creation: We integrated Fleetio and Oracle Fusion Product Hub for a seamless flow of parts catalog to Fleetio.
  • Efficient Requisition Process: We created and fulfilled requisitions in Oracle Fusion Cloud with tracking details in Fleetio, streamlining procurement processes and improving inventory management for the client.
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates: We automated item on-hand quantity updates from Oracle Fusion Cloud to Fleetio, ensuring accurate inventory management and reducing stockouts for our client.
  • Streamlined AP Invoice Creation: We automated AP invoice creation for fleet services completed, simplifying accounts payable processes and reducing manual errors for the client.
  • Efficient AP Tax Calculation: We automated tax calculations for M&R invoices, ensuring compliance and accuracy in tax reporting for our client.
  • Accurate Month-End Accruals: We automated the creation of accrual journals in GL from Fleetio data, ensuring accurate financial reporting for our client at the end of each month.
Fleetio and Oracle Fusion cloud integration architecture

The CES Advantage: Seamless Fleetio Integration for Optimal Performance

We ensured a smooth Fleetio & Oracle Fusion Cloud setup for a client, maximizing the platform’s benefits. With the help of this integration, Fleetio now effortlessly handles the demands of our client’s extensive fleet, managing over 2,600 trucks and processing an impressive volume of data – approximately 3,000+ service entries and 500+ work orders every month.

Here’s how CES expertise amplified the advantages of integration for our client:

  • Streamlined Processes Leading to Simplified Payments
    We simplified fleet payments by leveraging Fleetio’s network. We secured faster service and explored upfront payment options, reducing administrative burdens.
  • Optimized Utilization with Actionable Insights
    Collaborating with the client, we analyzed Fleetio’s fleet utilization data and developed actionable strategies to enhance overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Cost Control & Informed Budgeting
    By monitoring maintenance costs and lifecycle expenses through Fleetio, we helped in better budgeting and cost optimization.
  • Compliance & Efficiency Expertise
    Our team’s deep understanding of regulations and best practices, combined with Fleetio’s tracking functionalities, ensured the client’s fleet met compliance standards while minimizing downtime through root cause analysis.
  • Improved Financial Outcomes through Strategic Guidance
    CES, with Fleetio, facilitated cost savings and improved financial health. By managing costs, warranty recovery, and analyzing fleet data, the client gained valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

We went beyond simply setting up the software – we became a trusted partner, working collaboratively to maximize the capabilities of this integrated solution and transform their fleet management operations. In summary, the fusion of Fleetio and Oracle Fusion Cloud, coupled with CES’s proven implementation proficiency and strategic guidance, propelled our client towards enhanced efficiency, improved financial control, and a significant boost to their bottom line.

Unlock the full potential of your fleet with Fleetio, Oracle Fusion Cloud, and CES Expertise. Connect with us at, to embark on your journey towards optimized operations and enhanced efficiency.