SEO Copywriting

Create high-quality and cost-effective original product descriptions at scale.

E-commerce executives understand the value of original and engaging product descriptions.

However, due to shrinking budgets and staffing crunch, it is not feasible to build a large in-house copy team to produce content at scale. Also, during slower seasons, many retailers end up with unused content writing capacity that increases both cost and complexity.

SEO-optimized, original, and appealing product descriptions provide the needed fuel for online conversions and superior customer engagement. For 20+ years, top retailers and marketplaces have relied on CES for reducing their product copy costs while speeding up time-to-market as per their content production requirements throughout the year.

Our proven ability to deliver cost-effective, original, and engaging product copy at scale mean that retailers don’t need to use supplier-provided duplicate content or only afford to create original content for a subset of their online catalog

Key Benefits

Expert Copywriters representation image

Expert Copywriters

Our in-house domain experienced copywriters deliver high-quality results at great prices.

Originality Ensured representation image

Originality Ensured

We provide original and engaging product copy that is owned by clients.

Scalability Achieved representation image

Scalability Achieved

We deliver product copy at scale without sacrificing quality.

Flexibility Offered representation image

Flexibility Offered

We ramp up and down to meet seasonal needs across diverse categories.

Quality Guaranteed representation image

Quality Guaranteed

We deliver high-quality content maintaining your tone & style needs.

We invite you to see your cost savings for high-quality content without cost or commitment. Please provide a few test SKUs and see the value of our content services firsthand.

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