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Customer Care

Customer Care Services

Enhance customer satisfaction and improve revenue growth with high-quality and cost-effective customer care services.

Contact center executives are seriously challenged to continuously improve service levels and increase brand loyalty on shrinking budgets. This is no longer about courteously handling customers’ inquiries via email, live chat, social platforms, and phone calls. It is about leveraging your contact center as a strategic asset to create brand loyalty and stickiness by delivering great experiences, which cannot be copied by your rivals.

Since year 2000, CES has been helping top organizations meet and exceed their service levels at smiling prices and with uncompromising quality. We don’t just stop at lowering back-office customer care costs, we help clients generate millions in monthly revenue at highest possible CSAT and NPS scores.

Customer care

Key Benefits

  • Email Support – 24/7 email support on any platform for any use case
  • Live Chat – 24/7 live chat support on any platform for customer service or revenue generation
  • Phone Support – Satisfy customers and coordinate with vendors across wide ranging use cases
  • Claims & Reimbursement – Effective and efficient processing of claims and reimbursements
  • Social Media Support – Seamless social engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and the likes
  • Website Reviews – Answer shoppers’ questions on online forums like
  • Online Fraud and Chargebacks – Prevent and reduce online transaction fraud

Delivering lasting values and superior experiences

  • 20+ years of experience reducing millions in back-office costs and generating profitable revenue
  • Expert human talent, solid delivery platform, seamless alignment, and great CSAT/NPS scores
  • Client-centric operations and delivery model for your specialized needs
  • Flexibility to deploy CES team across multiple processes
  • No extra cost for project and account management team members

Collaborate to find a Contact Center solution for your organization’s customer support needs, meeting desired service levels and reducing back-office costs.