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Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation Enablement

Machine Health Monitoring System for a leading beverage manufacturer in the U.S.

10x faster data retrieval for large datasets, maintenance costs reduced by 30%, 3x user interaction time, Enhanced outcomes.

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Project name: ARCH
Duration: 3 years
No. Of Engineers: 8
Complexity: High
Software used: React, NodeJS, JavaScript, Azure, Cube Cloud, Plivo

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Business Need

Improve data analysis, query performance, accessibility, mobile app usage, streamline asset management processes.

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  • Managing large assets across multiple plants was challenging due to maintenance and downtime.
  • BI tools struggled with large datasets and lacked customized user experience.

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  • CubeJS and Cube Cloud improved analytical services’ query performance through data caching and pre-aggregation.
  • BI solution offered seamless mobile experience, data synchronization and asset management.

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