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CES QA services and teams help organizations with digital transformation using our sophisticated test automation solutions and distinctive test strategies.

End to end application testing solutions

CES QA services and teams help organizations with digital transformation using our sophisticated test automation solutions and distinctive test strategies. Our QA teams are well equipped in providing end to end application testing solutions using the latest tools, trends, and techniques. Ensure quality delivery at the right time. Our QA and testing approaches include:

  • Shift Left Approach
  • Agility
  • Business Value
  • Enterprise Automation
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a fundamental element for strengthening the quality of a software system. Implemented during all stages of software development, it maintains the functionality and quality of the system and ensures the stability of the result. Functional testing deals with the functionality of the application and its relation to the users.

Our experienced QA testing teams are specialized in providing reliable Quality Assurance (QA) services and functional testing across different verticals and for multiple platforms, like mobile, desktop, cloud, and web services testing. Using effective solutions and a robust approach, we ensure the verification and validation of applications for independent software vendors and enterprises. Our testing approach is well structured and leverages proven industry standards. The functional test practices include:

  • Compliance with technical requirements
  • Detailed test documentation – Test Strategy, Test Plan, and Test Cases
  • Bug-free releases
  • Automated testing
  • Reports
  • Services
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • UAT – User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing – Manual and Automation

Regression Testing

New versions of the software are released rapidly, requiring quick regression testing to authenticate every release quickly. We provide accuracy in regression testing to facilitate maximum coverage through a minimal number of test cases. We offer a regression model that increases the productivity and efficiency of Quality Assurance (QA) and reduces your time to market significantly.

  • Automated regression testing
  • Optimize regression tests and know when to stop
  • Optimal cost regression cycles
  • Maximum coverage with minimum test cases
  • Meet critical deadlines

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is non-functional testing carried out to determine the compatibility of an application in its operating environment. QA engineers will evaluate how well the software performs in different environments viz., operating systems, networks, hardware, platforms, devices, and other applications. CES has expertise in different cloud solutions to simulate the required environment for testing. The compatibility testing approach covers:

  • Planning
  • Designing and developing test cases
  • Environment setup
  • Execution
  • Reporting

User Acceptance Testing

UAT is the last phase of testing carried out to ensure that the application is built as per the requirements that are agreed upon. The purpose of this testing is to validate business workflows. CES has the right mindset and domain expertise to perform UAT to assess the application quality as per business needs.

  • Interact with product or business owners
  • Analyze the requirements
  • Prepare business workflows
  • Documentation
  • Validate business objectives

Performance Testing

CES is specialized and recognized for providing state-of-the-art performance testing solutions. We also benchmark the behavior of the system and assess the performance capabilities of your software based on design and architecture. Considerations for performance testing are:

  • Speed and response time
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability


  • Load Testing
  • Stress / Scalability Testing
  • Spike Testing
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Network Bandwidth Verification
  • Performance tuning and diagnosis

Security Testing

CES offers security testing across the whole software development lifecycle. Apply shift left approach to identify risks at early stages and mitigate them. CES provides validation and advisory services for security testing.

Validation services:

  • SDLC Gap analysis
  • App risk profiling
  • Architecture review
  • Security testing
  • Penetration testing

Advisory services:

  • Software security strategy – Penetration testing and continuous security
  • Tooling and automation
  • Software security onboarding and maintenance
  • Security testing at scale

Distinctive Service Offerings

  • Mobile Apps Testing
  • API Testing
  • DevOps / Agile Testing
  • Cloud Testing

Mobile Apps Testing

Mobile presence in business is now essential. CES has diversified QA teams to help perform mobile apps testing to verify and validate the quality of the app. Automation is important for mobile apps testing to address time to market pressures. CES TA – CES test automation accelerator helps setup framework and jumpstart the development of automation test scripts.

  • Functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Usability testing
  • Social media testing
  • Load and performance testing
  • System testing
  • Installation testing

API Testing

APIs have become the center of software development, integrating and transferring data and logic across systems and applications. Testing the API will help improve the efficiency of your test strategy as a whole. CES QA services will help effectively check them for quality and security of the APIs. Homegrown API test automation framework helps automate the API test cases and increase the test coverage of the application. Benefits of API testing are:

  • Early testing – Shift Left Approach
  • Easy test maintenance
  • Speed
  • Test Coverage

DevOps / Agile Testing

DevOps is a software development methodology which helps integrate all the software functions from development to operations in a lifecycle. Test automation is critical in achieving successful DevOps implementation. In an agile world, DevOps and test automation helps ensure the quality of the application and perform releases time to market. CES automation capabilities help organizations setup CI/CD pipelines to effectively release cycles. Our expertise includes:

  • Jenkins
  • Bamboo
  • Visual Studio TFS
  • GitLab CI, BitBucket, Team City, and Circle CI
  • AWS Code Pipelines and Azure DevOps

Test Automation

Test automation in an agile world must achieve fast product release time to market. CES has well-balanced expertise in utilizing opensource and commercial automation tools to setup automation frameworks and develop test cases for automation testing. CES expertise helps organizations build automation frameworks and train the QA teams to develop test scripts. CES accelerator, CESTA, helps to jumpstart UI test automation. Here are a few standouts of CES automation capabilities:

  • Test Pyramid – Fewer UI tests for faster test execution
  • Shift Left Approach – Early testing
  • Jump Start Automation Accelerator
  • CI / CD / CT setup

Testing as a Service – TaaS

Testing as a Service is an outsourcing model, in which testing activities are outsourced to a third party that specializes in simulating real-world testing environments as per the client’s requirements. Services that are well suited for the TaaS model include automated regression testing, performance testing, security testing, testing of major ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, and monitoring/testing of cloud-based applications. CES services include:

  • Functional Testing as a Service
  • Performance Testing as a Service
  • Security Testing as a Service
  • Test Automation as a Service
  • Software Testing as a Service over the cloud

CES TA – CES Test Automation Accelerator

CES TA is a UI and API test wrapper which helps to jumpstart automation of test cases. The accelerator helps with web application, mobile apps, and API test automation. CES QA Team has expertise to analyze and group test cases for API and UI to yield best results in quick time. The framework can be easily enhanced as per customer needs and configuration to perform test execution on any cloud environment.

  • Jumpstart accelerator for test automation
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Automation test reports
  • CI / CD / CT Setup
  • Test Execution – Local and Cloud

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