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Quality Engineering

Portal Modernization – Performance Testing


Client is one of the leading global alternative investment management firm with expertise in credit strategies.


Investment Banking & Finance (BFSI)


Apache JMeter, Azure, Azure Monitor

Engagement Details

Complexity of Work – Medium
Engagement Duration – 3 months

Problem Statement

  • The Customer Portal is modernized with new features, reports and deployed to cloud.
  • The customer base is increasing rapidly with huge usage of pdf and video reports.
  • Needed to do performance testing to ensure the new application responses and scalability after moving to cloud.

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CES Solution

  • Combination of Load Test, Incremental Load Test, and Stress Test to simulate the current & expected future peak hours in production.
  • Comparative analysis of performance results for on-premises & on Azure cloud applications (before and after modernization) for benchmarking.
  • Performance metrics captured using Azure Monitor for detailed analysis.

Solution Outcome

  • Detected and resolved the bottlenecks that resulted in an improvement of performance by 70% in reports.
  • Resolved performance lags due to inefficient DB & Store Procedure calls, which improved the responses from ~2.8 sec to 0.3 sec (to be within SLAs) for memos.
  • Performance Benchmark metrics created for future reference.
  • Periodic load/stress tests for every release to ensure no new bottlenecks.

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