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Monitor Your Assets, Automate Operations, and Maximize Outcome

What can Neos do?

Neos is a proven Digital Energy Platform consisting of Edge Intelligent IoT, Edge and Cloud SaaS, and Analytics with AI/ML. NeoSilica built a ground-up vertical application stack over Neos, which facilitates –

  • Enterprise solutions for 360° of energy ecosystem(generation, distribution, and consumption).
  • Needs of all key stakeholders addressed – operational (O&M team in the field and HO), management (C-level), financial (investor), compliance (utility, regulator).

Effective Neos-based applications for the verticals

Utility-scale Renewables & Energy Storage/ BSS (IoT DAS, EMS, Plant SCADA, Asset Management, Analytics)

  • Monitor and manage plants from 10s to 1,000s of MW capacity.
  • Centrally manage your RE assets for performance and optimal O&M.
  •  Loss analytics and accounting to identify and address each opportunity.

Smart Buildings and Industrial (Energy Management, EaaS)

  • Centrally manage your 100s to 1,000s of RE assets for performance.
  • Energy management to integrate renewables for Net Zero goals.
  • Proven energy efficiency and savings of 10-20%.

EV Charging Infra (Energy Management, Microgrid)

  • Manage distributed charging stations across large geographies.
  • Microgrid controls to integrate local renewables and storage.
  • Advanced analytics and reports to optimize charging efficiency.

Key Features

  • Field-to-cloud integration platform for multi-stakeholder applications supporting greenfield and brownfield assets for enterprise customers.
  • Edge IoT is intelligent and allows remote sensing, validation, and distributed management.
  • Data reliability with redundancy and highly available design provides nearly 100% reliability in highly distributed environments.
  • Cyber Security includes a secure environment field-to-cloud.
  • Highly scalable as hundreds to thousands of sites, Gigawatt level utility solar, billions of data points to the process.

Advantage Neos

  • Neos-based vertical applications stand out for long-term reliability, resilience, cyber security, and dynamic assets.
  • Enterprise scale architecture to suit asset life cycle, and modular to suit customer’s needs.
  • Strong field-to-cloud integrability to allow hybrid plants (storage, wind, hydro) and dynamic energy markets.

Your Strategic Digital Partner for Energy Transition, Digitalization, and Net Zero