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At CES, our services help you optimize your services while minimizing development costs.

More than a vendor, we serve as your strategic partner to get your business up and moving.

Developing dynamic and custom mobile applications

Each day thousands of mobile apps are published to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Some of these mobile apps are games, others are social networks, and many are ecommerce apps. All of these android apps, if professionally built, should follow a similar mobile app development process. At CES, we have built over 100 web and mobile apps and following are the strategy, design, and development processes we follow.

iPhone App Development

Our iOS application developers are well versed with all the iPhone SDKs, development tools, and technologies and have delivered several successful applications. It includes app development for the iPhone and iPad.

Android App Development

Our Android application developers are proficient in creating Android applications/mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting them to mobile devices. We offer powerful Android application development services to our clients at a very cost effective rate. It includes app development for phones and tablets.

Xamarin App Development

We have an expert team to build the best compatible applications across all platforms using Xamarin. We have competent and experienced Xamarin professionals to develop a cross-platform application with native UI, Native API’s. Our Xamarin experts have experience in handling advanced cross-platform tools for developing Android, iOS, and Windows app development. During our several years in business, we have created applications that cover all aspects of the latest technology. Hence, you can expect high quality and an impressive return on investment from your product.

React Native App Development

We aim to develop dynamic and custom applications using React Native framework. We specialize in developing native iOS and Android apps using the latest React Native JavaScript library. Being a popular native app development framework maintained by Facebook, React Native is the best choice for developing beautiful and real apps, without compromising on UX and UI experiences.

Industry Specific App Development

At CES, our services help you optimize your services while minimizing development costs. More than a vendor, we serve as your strategic partner to get your business up and moving. Our mobile apps and responsive web designs are optimized for speed, simplicity, and navigation while ensuring device capabilities are always kept within check. The various applications we offer are:

  • Video Conference / Telemetry Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Location-based Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Education Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Payment Applications
  • Custom Applications

Flutter App Development

Our Flutter apps are developed by making the most of the platform’s customization abilities and the ease/uniqueness that a framework has to offer. Complementing the capabilities of Flutter with the sensible visual appeal of material design , we are building digital experiences for our clients’ end users to enjoy and return to every day.

Our Process

We embed an agile software methodology and scrum practice to our design and development process to get the best results.

Requirement Gathering

We dive deep into your requirements and architect the best solution and process to deliver your desired product.

Prototyping / Strategy

After the requirements gathering phase, we wireframe your project. This provides us a blueprint to buid from. We buid prototypes through design tools and share it for review and feedback.


With an approved prototype, our designers get to work, implementing best practices, user experience expertise, accessibility requirements, and the latest design guidelines to deliver a functional and professional product that you will love.


After implementing and adjusting based on feedback, our development team gets to work. They build the actual solution using DevOps methodology (analysis, build, test, and deploy) and version control protocol to produce a functional end product.


While testing is done at various stages in the process, the beta test after development is the final internal check for functionality, user experience, design or development bugs, etc.


After the testing, the beta version of the application is sent for end-user testing with product owners, selected end users for the usability.


The completed solution is released and monitored closely to ensure that the launch goes as planned.

Maintenance and Support

Our service extends beyond launch. We will support your technology via security, code, and platform updates.

Why Choose Us?

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Cost Effective

We build mobile apps that fit your budget and don't burn a hole in your pocket. Under our roof, the latest technology and affordable apps converge.

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On-time Delivery

Our process ensures that the product we deliver is of high quality and meets the deadlines ahead.

In-house UI/UX Experts representation image

In-house UI/UX Experts

Our UX specialists meet high-quality design standards, be it Apple’s Human Interface guidelines or Android’s material design.

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Our app solutions enable you to have a seamless transition so you can upgrade to keep pace with the market.

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App Deployments

Our DevOps team can handle overnight deployments for the beta version to live version deployment to the App Store or the Play Store on-demand.

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