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Learning Management System


The company is an online learning platform that offers high-quality courses and training programs to individuals and organizations. With a focus on skill development and career advancement, the Company provides users with flexible and accessible learning opportunities that can be tailored to their specific needs. By leveraging the latest technology and industry expertise, Company is poised to become a leading online education provider, empowering learners to achieve their full potential and succeed in their personal and professional lives.




The company had been in business for several years and had built a loyal user base for its web-based tools. However, as mobile usage increased, the company noticed many users accessed the tools on smartphones and tablets. The mobile experience could have been optimized, which led to frustration and lower engagement.

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The main challenge was to create a mobile application that provided a seamless experience for users while maintaining the functionality of the web-based tools. The company also wanted to ensure that the mobile application was scalable and easy to maintain.


The company worked with CES, a mobile app development company, to create a cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

  • The app was designed to provide a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and touch-friendly controls.
  • Included features like SSO, a Learning content launcher, push notifications, offline access, and device-specific capabilities like fingerprint


  • The app helped to attract new users and increase engagement by about 30%.
  • Over time, the mobile application became the preferred way for many users to access the tools, leading to increased usage and revenue for the company.

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