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Application Support and Maintenance

Seamless Operations and Business Resilience with Outcome Aligned SAP Application Maintenance and Support Services

Optimize IT Operations, Innovate Processes, and Run Systems at Peak Performance with SAP AMS.

Leverage our Process Maturity and Continuous Improvement Approach for Uninterrupted Services, Operational Resilience, and Reduced TCO

SAP Application Maintenance and Support Services is designed to save the time and resources consumed by routine operations. SAP AMS significantly alleviates your operational burden, allowing you to innovate and transform your business.

Our global delivery network provides access to the right skill sets and proven methodologies to solve client’s critical application management objectives, resulting in improved application performance. We address critical facets, including security and compliance, performance optimization, system stabilization, strategic system upgrades, etc. Our service delivery excellence prioritizes business optimization and innovation, SLA management, along with continual client feedback and reviews.

Security is paramount, and our service ensures the safeguarding of your data and compliance. Additionally, you can gain access to a team of highly trained SAP functional and technical experts. Our dedicated help desk ensures swift ticket resolution and provides a seamless transition from implementation to ongoing support, reducing TCO.

Future-Proofing Your SAP S/4HANA for Reliability, Stability, Security and Strategic Enhancement

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System Reliability & Stability

Routine monitoring, troubleshooting, and applying patches maintain S/4HANA stability, preventing unexpected downtime for seamless day-to-day operations.

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Performance Optimization

Continuous optimization of the S/4HANA system’s performance to provide a responsive and efficient user experience. Performance tuning activities to help identify and address bottlenecks, ensuring optimal system performance.

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Security & Compliance

Ongoing maintenance includes implementing security measures and staying compliant with regulatory requirements to protect sensitive data, mitigate security risks, and ensure that the organization meets industry and legal standards.

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Flexibility & Scalability

With business evolving, the S/4HANA system needs adjustments or enhancements. Maintenance activities involve assessing and implementing changes to align the system with changing business processes, ensuring continued value and relevance.

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Cost Control

Our proactive maintenance prevents major system failures, minimizing costly downtime. Prompt issue resolution reduces the overall ownership cost

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Proactive Issue Resolution and Support

Providing timely support for end-users to address issues, resolving bugs, and offering support services for enhanced user satisfaction and overall productivity.

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Effective Monitoring and Reporting

Continuous monitoring of the S/4HANA system for optimal system health allows for proactive identification of potential issues and maintenance activities, including generating reports and analyzing system metrics.

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Knowledge Transfer and Training

Knowledge transfer sessions and training for IT staff to ensure that the organization’s internal teams can manage and support the S/4HANA system effectively.

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Continuous Enhancements

Applying regular updates, patches, and fixes provided by SAP ensures that the S/4HANA system benefits from the latest features, improvements, and security enhancements. This helps the organization stay current with technology advancements.

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Strategic Planning for Upgrades

As SAP releases new versions or upgrades, part of maintenance involves strategic planning for system upgrades. We ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest innovations and capabilities offered by SAP.

Service Offerings

End-to-End SAP Application Maintenance and Support Services for Enhanced Business Performance.

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Incident Management

Proactively manage customer-raised issues, whether it’s a system bug, functionality breakage, or training concern that disrupts their regular tasks.

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Problem Management

Addressing recurring issues when a problem ticket is raised, we delve into finding permanent solutions to ensure sustained resolution and enhance overall system reliability.

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Change Request

We implement system changes to accommodate additional or enhanced functionality beyond existing features. We ensure seamless integration, addressing your evolving needs.

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Service Request

We cater to non-system-related business requirements, such as generating reports or extracting specific information from the S4HANA system, prioritizing these requests efficiently to meet your business needs.

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Landscape Management

As part of the Basis, we handle server-related activities for on-premise S4 HANA customers. This includes executing technical, patch, and functional upgrades and other tasks to optimize server performance and enhance operations.

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24×7 Monitoring

Providing continuous support and a vigilant eye on system issues for customers with geographically dispersed workforces. Immediate attention to any functional or technical concerns is our commitment.

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Staff Augmentation

Offering additional manpower when needed aids in bridging resource and specialized skills gaps, ensuring comprehensive support for our clients.

SAP Application Maintenance & Support

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SAP application maintenance and support
SAP application maintenance and support

Ensure optimal performance and security with our in-depth SAP Application Management and Support Services.