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It's time to jump start your test cases automation

UI (Web & Mobile) and API test accelerator.

What can Zyna do?

Zyna is a UI (Web & Mobile) and API test accelerator which helps to jump start with test cases automation. The accelerator helps Web application, Mobile Apps, and API automation.

CES QA Team has the expertise to analyse and group test cases for API and UI to yield best results in quick time.

Key Features

  • Jumpstart accelerator for test automation.
  • Easy setup and maintenance.
  • Automation test reports.
  • CI / CD / CT Setup as per project needs.
  • Test Execution – Local and Cloud.
  • Easy to enhance or customize based on project needs.
  • Zyna can be configured to perform Web and Mobile Apps automation in a single project.

The test automation accelerator, Zyna, is purposefully designed to empower your Quality Engineering team to unlock significant business values, which includes decreased release time, accelerated test execution, and reduced man-hours. To learn more, visit

It’s time to jump start your test cases automation