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Product Page Optimization

Product Page Optimization Services

Result-oriented, simple, and predictable business models to meet your needs and budget.

Result oriented, simple and predictable business models to meet your budget and needs

Adding greater number of products to e-commerce websites quickly, accurately and cost effectively is a universal goal and a challenge whether you are a large retailer/marketplace with millions of products or perhaps a smaller regional retailer on a tight budget and resources.

Regardless of your e-commerce focus and revenue, your foundation must be solid across

Product Data

Standardized, complete and accurate product specifications.

Product Copy

SEO optimized original and engaging product descriptions.

Product Images

High-quality product images that do the “talking”.

For 10+ years, CES has been helping online merchandizing and e-commerce teams with its product data, product copy and product image editing services that extend beyond optimizing existing product page elements; you can certainly count on CES for building new product assortments and catalogs from scratch as per your tone, style and online taxonomy.

  • 10+ years of successful track record with retailers and marketplaces of all types and sizes.
  • Result oriented, simple and predictable business models to meet your budget and needs.
  • Client-specific dedicated teams deliver excellent results as an extension of your internal teams.
  • You own the data and all CES deliverables.

Product Page Optimization Services

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Excellent turnaround and process compliance.

Skilled resource pool

Our resources are well versed with processes & possess excellent communication skills.

Work culture

The attrition rate is less than 2%, in alignment with our unique work culture and employee friendly processes.

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Flexible engagement models.

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