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YMS Service YMS Mobile Service for a beverage manufacturing company in USA.

Reduced manual efforts, Effective yard jockey monitoring, Improved employee experience, Detailed yard jockey insights.

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Project name: YMS (Yard Management System)
Duration: 16 months
No. Of Engineers: 8
Complexity: Medium
Software used: Visual studio, VS code, Mongo Db compass, postman, Microsoft Azure

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Business Need

Improve the admin experience by enabling the monitoring of Yard Jockeys’ workforce management and reducing manual work.

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  • The main challenge was developing a user-friendly, visually appealing, and real-time mobile service for the Yard Jockeys, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and devices.

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  • The YMS mobile service was built with Xamarin technology, offers Geofencing, in-app SignalR notifications, and offline functionality.
  • It was integrated with the YMS admin portal, offering administrators real-time plant data, including trailer locations and task lists.

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