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Digital Transformation Begins With Integration

Why is Integration Inevitable for Digital Transformation?

Cloud is now a key component of the IT stack that connects the enterprise. With digital transformation and the need to migrate to the cloud, integration has moved up in the value chain. Integration deals with live operational data and solves the application silo problem. It integrates data and workflows between disparate software applications to function as one. As a result, the demand for seamless integration with SaaS-based apps, SaaS products, On-Prem applications, or any third-party systems is rising.

Envisioning this, CES Cloud/ERP services facilitates core competency in best-of-breed integration tools connecting multiple ERPs to achieve simplified data flow, minimize complexity, and improve operations. Data can be processed in real-time or in batch and between two or more applications, events, or application programming interfaces (APIs).

Enterprise-Grade Services for Your Comprehensive Integration Needs

CES developed and delivered integrations involving a unified bundle that lets customers connect the cloud apps and on-premises applications. We specialize in providing enterprise-grade services for comprehensive integration needs like A2A, EDI, EAI, MDM, B2B, ETL, and API management. Our service supports any-to-any hybrid integration, data transformation, and end-to-end visibility of all the data flowing through your dynamic ecosystem.

Helping customers on an ongoing basis, we enable them to leverage automated business processes, develop web and mobile applications and gain insight into business through business metrics analysis. In addition, we help our customers choose the right integration solution, which is scalable, adaptable to changes, and empowers businesses without any interference with the existing frameworks.

Business advantages of Enterprise Integration System

  • Achieve efficiency by improving processes and connecting disparate applications across the enterprise.
  • Save cost & time by eliminating legacy systems and manual processes.
  • Gain agility by keeping up-to-date critical business and financial information leading to faster business decisions.
  • Having visibility into the data flowing throughout the business helps manage processes proactively and troubleshoot issues.
  • Build better platforms and set up custom mobile and web applications connected to bi tools for actionable business insights.

Integrations Made Seamless

CES brings in the Oracle cloud integration services practices to seamlessly integrate existing and third-party applications, automate operational processes and extract real-time business metrics using dashboards. You can increase the automation of your process flows to reduce administrative overhead/opportunity costs or allow employees to optimize their workday. Our expertise consists of a deep dive knowledge by identifying and extending the business capabilities where we deliver:

  • Create integrations to design, manage and monitor connections between multiple applications.
  • Develop process applications to manage and automate your business processes and workflows.
  • Analyse and interpret results into business insights.

Unlock greater value with our accelerators

Having extensive experience in Oracle Cloud integration, we built accelerators for integration as part of its Oracle SaaS solutions. Critical features of CES accelerators are

  • Reusable code
  • Compatibility with various file formats
  • Methodology for deployment
  • Cloud integration testing expertise

Simplifying Enterprise Integration with leading middlewares

Oracle Integration Cloud

A complete, secure, but lightweight integration solution enables you to connect your applications to the cloud. It simplifies connectivity between your applications and can link your applications that live in the cloud as well as your applications that still live on-premises.


MuleSoft unifies data to deliver a single view of the customer, automates business processes and builds unified experiences. With a modern API-led approach, each integration becomes a reusable building block.


Data integration is at the core of the Talend Data Fabric platform. It solves vital issues such as rapid data ingestion, a subject-oriented cloud data warehouse, and complex multi-cloud projects. The self-service tools make ingesting data from almost any source easy. The integrated preparation functionality ensures your data is usable from the first day.

Oracle Data Integrator

A comprehensive data integration platform covers all data integration requirements: high-volume, high-performance batch loads to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes to SOA-enabled data services.

AWS Application Integration services

Application integration on AWS is a service suite that enables the communication between distributed systems, decoupled components within microservices and serverless applications. Decoupling applications at any scale reduces the impact of changes, making it easier to update and faster to release new features. There is no need to refactor your entire architecture to benefit.

Unleash Integration efficiencies and automation to simplify business