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SAP BASIS Managed Services

Run Your SAP Ecosystem at Optimal Efficiency by Enhancing the Reliability, Security, and Performance of SAP Applications

Our proficient BASIS team handles and supports complex landscapes and ensures installation/ upgrades with the latest releases & patches of SAP business application software components for high performance.

SAP BASIS Services for Effective Management and Operation of SAP Systems Aligned with Your Needs

SAP Basis serves as the technical foundation, enabling SAP applications to operate seamlessly across systems and databases through middleware programs and tools. As the fundamental need for any SAP landscape, SAP BASIS Support helps manage and administer an enterprise’s entire SAP environment.

CES Business Technologies offers comprehensive SAP Basis services across SAP architecture, administration, and performance optimization. Our interdisciplinary BASIS Support team functions as a single point of contact and handles end-to-end elements that include system installation and upgrades, system monitoring & maintenance, and security & authorization management. By adopting a proactive approach, we ensure optimal system performance, availability, security, and minimize downtime to boost productivity. A streamlined and efficient process relieves pressure on your IT department, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

24×7 Level 1,2, & 3 Support

  • Daily Basis Support and Security Administration.
  • SAP Database Administration (HANA, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server)

24×7 Level 1,2, & 3 Support

Technical Upgrades & Migrations

  • Solution Manager, Charm setup
  • Quarterly Database and SAP Kernel Patches
  • Support Packages, Notes, Refreshes, and Hot Fix Upgrades
Technical Upgrades & Migrations

Technical Upgrades & Migrations

Environment Management

  • Semi-Annual Technology Review
  • Annual SAP Security Review
  • Weekly Early Watch Alert Review
  • Security Assessment and Remediation
  • Full Stack Performance Optimization Support (ABAP, System, Job Scheduling, Database, OS, Storage, Network)
Environment Management

Environment Management

S/4 HANA Migration

  • Landscape and Infrastructure Assessment
  • Client and Landscape Strategy
  • Environment Management
  • Steering committee/PMO support
  • Change Control Board
  • Project Reviews 
S/4 HANA Migration

S/4 HANA Migration

Service Offerings

Reliable and Proactive SAP BASIS Services for End-to-End Maintenance of SAP Landscape

Our SAP Basis consultants help you unlock the true potential of the SAP environment with expert support to deliver performance.

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System Installation and Upgrades

  • Installation of SAP software components.
  • Application of patches and upgrades to keep systems current.

System Administration

  • Daily monitoring and administration of SAP landscapes.
  • Management of SAP instances, servers, and resources.
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User and Authorization Management

  • User account administration and access control.
  • Role creation and maintenance to ensure proper access.
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Performance Monitoring and Tuning

  • Ongoing monitoring of system performance.
  • Performance tuning to optimize response times and overall system efficiency.
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Database Administration

  • Management of the database system associated with SAP (e.g., SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server).
  • Database backups, recovery, and maintenance

Transport Management

  • Configuration and management of transport systems.
  • Handling the transport of development objects between different system landscapes.
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  • Implementation and maintenance of security measures.
  • Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.
interface monitoring

Interface Monitoring

  • Monitoring and maintenance of interfaces between SAP and other systems.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving interface-related issues.

Batch Job Scheduling

  • Management and scheduling of background jobs.
  • Monitoring and addressing issues related to batch processing.
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System Copies and Refreshes

  • Execution of system copies for various purposes (e.g., testing, backup).
  • System refreshes to synchronize data between landscapes.
visualization management

SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM)

  • Utilization of LVM for managing and automating SAP landscapes.
  • Streamlining tasks such as system cloning, migration, and provisioning.
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Documentation and Reporting

  • Maintenance of comprehensive documentation for system configurations and changes.
  • Regular reporting on system health, performance, and security
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Issue Resolution and Support

  • Timely resolution of system-related issues.
  • Providing support for SAP Basis-related queries and problems
knowledge transfer

Training and Knowledge Transfer

  • Offering training sessions for internal teams or end-users.
  • Knowledge transfer to ensure the internal team is well-versed in SAP Basis.
logo of advisory services

Advisory Services

  • Providing advice on best practices and recommendations for system improvements.
  • Keeping abreast of SAP updates and advising on their relevance to the organization.

The Power of SAP BASIS Managed Services: Optimize Your SAP Landscape and Maximize Efficiency

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System Administration

SAP Basis services facilitate system administration tasks like system monitoring, user management, and performance tuning. Effectively managing system resources ensures the smooth operation of SAP applications.

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System Installation and Upgrade

Our SAP Basis team helps you install, configure, and upgrade SAP systems. This includes applying patches, support packages, and updates to keep the system current and secure. current and secure.

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Security Management

SAP Basis is instrumental in managing the security aspects of SAP systems. It includes user authentication, authorization, encryption, and secure communication protocols to protect sensitive data and assure compliance with industry regulations.

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Database Administration

SAP Basis administrators handle database-related tasks, including backup and recovery, database performance optimization, and data archiving. Common databases used with SAP systems include SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

Transport Managements

Transport Management

SAP systems often involve multiple landscapes (development, testing, production), and transporting changes across these landscapes is a critical task. The Basis team manages the transport of configuration, development, and customization objects between different system environments.

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Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Basis monitors the performance of SAP systems, identifies bottlenecks, and optimizes system resources to ensure optimal performance. This involves analyzing system logs, traces, and performance statistics.

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Interface and Integration Management

SAP systems often interact with various external systems and applications. Basis is responsible for managing interfaces and ensuring seamless integration with other systems, both SAP and non-SAP.

Job Scheduling

Job Scheduling

SAP Basis administrators schedule and monitor background jobs within SAP systems. This includes tasks like data backups, data imports, and other automated processes that need to run at specific times.

Disaster recovery Management

Disaster Recovery Planning

SAP Basis contributes to disaster recovery planning by implementing backup and restore strategies, ensuring data integrity, and developing contingency plans to minimize downtime in case of system failures.

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System Landscape Design

Our Basis professionals play a crucial role in designing the overall system landscape, including the architecture and configuration of SAP landscapes to meet your unique business requirements

Our SAP BASIS services are designed to ensure the uninterrupted operation and security of your mission-critical SAP landscape.