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Investor Operations

We help build investor trust with efficient inquiry management and proactive crisis handling

Nurture long-term relationship with Investors

Upholding the interest of shareholders and investors is vital to maintaining Investor Relations. By facilitating effective communication and engagement through our hands-on experience, we help foster trust among your shareholders and investors. Our experienced operations team can assist your organization in attracting new investments while maintaining existing shareholders. This, in turn, ensures access to essential capital for growth and operations while instilling investor confidence.

Key Offerings:

Inquiry management

Handle Fund, Portfolio, and Firm inquiries from prospects and investors.

CRM/ Client Data Management

Maintain and update client information (contacts, investment details, and supporting documents)

Website support

Posting reports on client websites and handling access issues.

Client Onboarding

Ensure timely onboarding of clients and dissemination of welcome letters. Handle transfer of client interest to other parties.

Capital Calls & Distribution

Contact investors on pending capital calls. Handle callbacks from investors for verification of updated bank details regarding funds.

Wire Instructions update

Process wire updates and conduct callbacks to verify information.


Sending standard and customized reports to investors through website and email.

Tax Re-solicitation

Request updated W8/W9 forms from investors once they are close to reaching the expiry date.

Audit Confirmations

Provide a standard summary which provides a snapshot of the client’s investment details for a particular quarter.

How We Deliver Value?

Graphic of Timely Client Interactions

Timely Client Interactions

Establish standard SLAs for inquiries and ensure that every request is processed and responded to within the set timeframe.

Graphic of Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Establish communication strategies to provide updates to stakeholders during times of crisis.

Graphic of Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Proactive in understanding and managing client expectations.

Graphic of Transparency & Integrity

Transparency & Integrity

Aim to build trust with stakeholders by providing accurate and timely information, maintaining ethical practices, and fostering positive relationships.

Boost investor confidence, streamline interaction, and build trust.