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Valuation Services

Enable accurate, consistent, complete, and compliant valuation of portfolios.

Efficient valuation of alternative investments and illiquid securities for informed decision-making.

We specialize in assisting clients with the valuation of alternative investments and various other illiquid securities for private equity funds, business development corporations, real estate portfolios, and fund of funds. We build Valuation models using appropriate valuation methodology and techniques to value assets and businesses.

  • M&A transactions – Determining at an enterprise value to aid purchase price decisions.
  • Asset sales – E.g., Appraised value for Real Estate Investments.
  • Investment analysis – E.g., Estimating income, risk, resale value, etc.
  • Litigation – Dispute resolution in RE.
  • Financial reporting – Valuation of investment portfolios which determine the company’s worth.

Key Offerings for Valuation Services


  • Provide preliminary investment research, including comparable verification, demographics, market area analysis, etc.


  • Analysis of performance metrics, liquidity, leverage ratios, and waterfall analysis.


  • Independent review of the valuations for accuracy, consistency, completeness, and compliance with ASC 820 for third-party investments.


  • Estimation of the Enterprise value of the portfolio company and subject security relating to capitalization such as Debt, Options, Warrants, Equity, etc.

How We Deliver Value?

Graphic of Client Based

Client Based

Customized format of valuation services based on the requirement of the client. For Ex: short/long term, near future acquisition/merger analysis, third party assistance to asset managers, etc.

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Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing model to save money by eliminating the need to invest in internal teams, infrastructure, and technology.

Graphic of Support services

Support services

Support services at different time zones ensure readily available resources, irrespective of time zone.

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