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Cloud & DevOps

Asset Management – Cloud & DevOps Adoption


Global asset management firm specializing in alternative investment strategies.


Investment & Banking


Azure & AWS Cloud Python, SQL Server and .NET Framework

Engagement Details

Service Type – Cloud & DevOps Adoption
Model – Offshore

Business Need

  • Cloud modernization for the existing applications
  • Business approvals before deployment.
  • Better time to market for applications

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  • On-prem infrastructure results in lead time for upgrades.
  • Traditional process for change management occupied more of IT team time & effort.


  • Performed cloud readiness analysis for migrating to the public cloud considering compliance & audit needs.
  • Aim for reduced downtime scalable & elastic solution
  • Automated Job Scheduling, Data on Rest Encryption, Hybrid Cloud Approach
  • Capacity Planning & High Availability, Autoscaling & Containerization, Web Development Support
  • CI CD Pipeline development & automation support.


  • Operation team recognized reduced downtime, secured configuration and consistent environments.
  • Automated deployment mechanism with approvals & gate checks by the business team.
  • Inculcated DevOps culture in teams by providing recurring trainings.

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