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Ensure Attain robust security by detecting, responding, and protecting against threats and cyberattacks.

Collaborate to build Resilience, Vigilance, and Compliance and secure your complex IT environment.

With rising threats of advanced cyberattacks hard to defend against, it is essential to embed cybersecurity into an organization’s technology framework and preventive processes to keep the IT assets safe. Since all enterprises are different, CES offers customized, scalable Managed Security Services to empower organizations’ processes and technologies against cyberattacks and security threats.

Our core expertise involves proactive 24/7 vulnerability management, in-depth visibility into security events, automated response to address and remediate security anomalies, applicable testing environment for patch management, and the ability to manage security compliance. We identify and mitigate business risks and create safer digital environments for enterprises.

With our services, clients get access to the latest and advanced VMaaS capabilities, Managed Cloud Security Services, and CES SOC (Security Operation Center) to continually improve their cybersecurity stance. By leveraging our global network of certified engineers and adherence to industry-specific compliance standards, we help you secure your critical data and assets.

Service Offerings

Combining deep domain and industry expertise, we help you build a secure environment against the unauthorized exploitation of networks, systems, and technologies.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMAAS)

CES provides vulnerability Management as a Service (VMAAS) that allows IT and security team to safeguard their digital environments against threats and misconfigurations effectively for mitigating risks and improving resilience. Our end-to-end VMaaS strengthens enterprise security by continuous scan and alert, and remediation of vulnerabilities across infrastructure, applications, and endpoints.

Using automated scanning tools in real-time, we identify vulnerabilities to minimize manual efforts. We manage the step of prioritizing based on criticality, impact, weaponization, remediation, and finally reporting. Our technical team works to ensure your organization is positioned best to remediate discovered vulnerabilities, reduce the time, effort, and cost involved, and stay ahead of potential threats.

Our Approach

We follow an ongoing process to identify, organize, and mitigate threats to the IT infrastructure across networks, servers, and enterprise applications.
  • Full-stack scanning of all IT infrastructure assets
  • Identify, analyze, validate, and prioritize vulnerabilities based on exploitation.
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities as a whole by viewing networks, systems, and applications.
  • Streamlining and integrating vulnerability management lifecycle workflow.
  • Mapping vulnerabilities by criticality, and exploitability and providing threat context through our RBVM process.

Partner with us and secure your enterprise to safeguard your most critical business assets.

Cloud Security Services

Enterprises need to stay ahead of advanced threats with better visibility at each critical stage of their cloud journey. Be it migrating applications or data to the cloud, CES provides the expertise to help you minimize the risks of cloud migration aligned with your security and compliance requirements.

CES Cloud Security Services help protect your technologies, applications, and controls that work together in your cloud adoption. We address the cloud challenges around data loss, privacy, and breaches with strong security management and control designed specifically for the cloud, whether you operate in public, private, or hybrid environments.

  • Assess and develop a cloud security roadmap by a gap analysis to transform your cloud security controls.
  • Implement best practices, threat management, response, and recovery services to run and manage your applications securely.
  • Gain a cohesive and long-term strategy that considers all essentialities of cloud components.
  • Improved visibility across multi-cloud by managing and monitoring cloud-native controls and containers.

CES SOC (Security Operation Center)

The technology used in modern business has a massive amount of data points vulnerable to persistent security threats. CES SOC offers a holistic view of your IT security to catch advanced threats, suspicious user activity, and related risks to your organization’s data. It provides a scalable managed security service that delivers actionable, business-oriented workflows for mitigating your critical threats.
As a leading integrated Security Operation Center, CES SOC enables continual monitoring of all your potential threats, managing an enterprise\’s most pressing security needs. As a result, it boosts your visibility of current and future threats and reduces the time to identify and remediate the risks as you expand your digital footprint. Our comprehensive threat management services integrate a broad range of capabilities to help secure your IT operations and assets.

With the integrated incident response, threat intelligence, and hunting capabilities, we offer:

  • Monitoring, investigating, and kicking off incident management for offenses/alerts triggered in the console.
  • Monitoring the traffic across all the servers and endpoints to establish security controls.
  • Evaluate existing standard content like rules and building blocks & fine-tune them to meet enterprise goals.
  • Checking and testing the system for weaknesses in hardware and software.

CES Managed Security Services is a trusted partner for your organization\’s all security needs.