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Mortgage – Real Estate Investment


Client is a real estate lending firm that makes funds available to borrowers through its online crowdfunding platform. It is based out of Los Angeles, California.


Mortgage – Real Estate Investment



Engagement Details

Service Type: Operations
Model: Offshore

Business Needs

  • Provide a full range of mortgage support services in a loan’s life cycle

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  • Client originates loans on a daily Basis, thereby generating multiple leads. Most of which will be associated with several other mortgage brokers
  • Accordingly, monitoring details of application fees paid by each prospective borrower, and guiding the application through the entire process of closing the loan, including underwriting
  • Co – ordinating with the owners at each phase of a mortgage loan to promptly and proactively process the loan to the next phase by compiling all the necessary information, analysis, etc.

Our Services

  • Developed a tracking tool for monitoring, tracking and maintaining a database of the various mortgage brokers and affiliates
    • This tool helped reduce redundancy and repetition of broker / affiliate data which helped the client easily and quickly identify appropriate brokers / affiliates to whom commission should be paid
  • Developed checklists for supporting the pre-underwriting functions, and QA functions. This checklist helped the client in validating and verifying on the loan origination system (LOS)
  • Data compiled from the borrower’s submitted documentation package. Thereby creating an additional layer of safety net ensuring that accurate data is reflecting on the LOS
    • Compile and circulate a daily report which monitors the call data of the client’s loan officers. This has helped the client in calculating and determining the compensation that each loan officer shall receive
    • This comprehensive report shows the number of working days in a month, number of days that a loan officer has worked, their personal time off etc. This data is then presented to top management


  • Efficiency in client’s operations, thereby giving them ample time to focus on driving business
  • End-to-end mortgage support services at a significantly low cost

Get ready to transform your business.