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Attractive and Interactive Courseware Draws More Customers to the Client's Business.


Client is a global, multi-strategy alternative investment management firm based in Los Angeles, CA.





Engagement Details

Service Type: Progressive Web App

Model: Offshore

Business Need

  • Develop & test a responsive web application with multiple interactive simulations i.e., responsive web pages
  • The application must help students learn statistics in

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  • Existing legacy application doesn’t provide interactive features
  • Windows application cannot be accessible from multiple form factors
  • Lack of technical expertise to architect reusable framework.


  • Developed reusable framework for creating multiple simulations (mathematics, statistics etc.,) with minimal customizations
  • Created JQuery controls like sliders, buttons which will be used to send user inputs for the simulation
  • Trigger JSON data with the values that will be used to plot the simulation elements
  • Create simulations involving the on-screen elements like axes, lines, curves, circles etc
  • Combine all elements into responsive and accessible web pages for each simulation
  • Test content, responsiveness & accessibility of all pages.


  • Courseware are migrated to and hosted on cloud (SaaS Model).
  • The interactive simulations (responsive web application) are accessible from any platform or device.
  • Added more aesthetics to the existing interactive courseware which in-turn helped client in attracting more customers.
  • Attracted and on-boarded several new customers (schools and educational institutions) with the new product release.

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