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You can’t wait for failure to occur in order to increase your ability to compete

Many businesses still rely on a combination of software products built on outdated hardware and software tech-stack concepts. It’s easy to understand the mindset of an organization who believes that if their current systems aren’t malfunctioning, why spend the money to make updates. “If it’s not broken, why fix it” is the theory. But in today’s world, you can’t wait for failure to occur in order to increase your ability to compete. CES is a one-stop shop when transforming your outdated, tech-stack legacy applications, to a system utilizing the latest technology and data sources.

Application Modernization

Our teams are well equipped to make use of the latest technology stack tools to help you migrate to the newest technology. Enter the world of Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS, a form of on-demand software, doesn’t reside on hardware at the client site. Instead, it delivers software services to the end user over the internet. SaaS provides great benefits over in-house applications. Some of the benefits are:

Lower up-front costs: SaaS is normally subscription-based, rather than the typical seat license type of implementations required with many client-based software. SaaS rarely has up-front costs.

Faster deployment: SaaS is already up and running on the cloud. There is generally no wait-time to begin using the software. Just sign-up and you’re working.

Easy upgrades: Software upgrades and fixes are the responsibility of the maintainer of the service. Your organization no longer relies on in-house technical support and ticketing processes for fixes. Your SaaS provider takes on this role.


SaaS offers the flexibility to change the number of subscriptions as needed. When your business grows, just add the necessary number subscriptions. No new hardware to purchase, no additional support staff to hire.

CES improves your platform by providing SaaS with industry-proven patterns and architecture; Microservices, Open Source Technology, Serverless Computing and DevOps Enabled CI/CD.

Cloud services

Cloud services provide a myriad of benefits to your organization. Through the use of cloud computing, your organization can shed much of its IT overhead and related costs by relinquishing the burden of on-site application support. CES can transform your in-house hosted or desktop applications to cloud-native applications, capitalizing on our rich experience working with multiple cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, GPC, etc.

CES helps you choose the best cloud based SaaS technologies for the needs of your enterprise. We help you modularize your applications so they can be ported across hosting environments easily, without modification . We also help you evaluate the best cloud vendor for you and advise you regarding your readiness for cloud transformation.

CES not only helps you increase the speed of your software delivery, we enable you to improve your business agility and scalability. Our technical team will work hand in hand with your technical staff to strategize your SaaS migration. We specialize in UI/UX modernization, and web and database performance enhancements. When it comes to modernization through cloud services, CES can lead you out of the archaic world of desktop and locally-run applications, to cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions that allow you to concentrate on your core competencies.

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