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CES Limited is a Public Limited Company listed at the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). Here, you will find company performance details, board of directors, and important announcements from key investor relations events.

Board of Directors

Name Role
Venkat Davarapalli Promoter & Director
Sai Krishna Kancharla Director
Appa Rao Kancherla Alternate Director for Sai Krishna Kancharla
Mohana Kancharla Promoter & Whole Time - Director
Tummala Murali Krishna Independent Director
Duruvasan Ramachandra Independent Director
Aruna Krishna Sebbineni Director
Rama Krishna Sebbineni Alternate Director for Venkat Davarapalli

Investor Contacts

For queries related to financial statements, investor and compliance matters

Mohana Kancharla
Promoter & Whole Time - Director
7th Floor, Tower A, Ramky Selenium,
Nanakramguda, Gachibowli,
Hyderabad – 500032.
+91 40 4242 1122

Corporate Governance

  • Code of condut for board of directors for senior managment
  • Compositions of various committees
  • Details of agreemnts entered into media companies and or thier associates
  • Email address for grievance reddressal and other relevant details
  • Independent-directors-familiarization-program
  • Policy for determining material subsidiary
  • Policy on related party transaction
  • Terms and conditions for appointment of indepednant director
  • Whistle-blower-policy
  • Insider trading Policy

2018-19 Financials for CES Limited Subsidiaries

Investors News and Events

CES Limited declared Consolidated and standalone quarterly financial results for 30.06.2019 as on 13th August, 2019.

  • The quarterly standalone income from operations is Rs. 2788.22. Lakhs and Net Profit/ PAT is Rs. 214.72 Lakhs.
  • The quarterly consolidated income from operations is Rs. 7090.09 lakhs and Net profit/ PAT is Rs. 533.47 lakhs.