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Using SAP products and services to run certain aspects of your business? Perhaps you are, and need assistance because you don’t have a large enough IT staff to maintain it; or maybe you want to incorporate SAP and would rather concentrate on your core competencies rather than hire permanent IT staff. Whatever the case, CES has the knowledge and experience to support your SAP tools and services. We employ a mature delivery model that enables us to provide better business outcomes through revitalized solutions and consulting services. There are a wide variety of SAP services available to your enterprise, and CES can assist you in almost every area. Listed below are some of SAP’s offerings; we can help you employ these services, in addition to any other solutions available from SAP.


Manage your interactions with current and potential customers using data analysis through customer history. Drive sales growth by improving customer relationships; extracting data from a wide variety of sources, including a potential customer’s email, live chat, marketing materials and social media, you’ll learn more about your target audience and how to serve them best.

Digital Supply Chain

We can enable you to conquer the process of electronic digital media delivery, be it audio or video. Use SAP’s B2B services to distribute digital media through the ‘digital supply chain’, from origin to destination.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement in the workplace is critical. It’s what is used to measure the sort of devotion and vigor that any given employee applies to their job or position, co-workers and enterprise culture. An employee's perception of his or her workplace can impact the productivity of the entire working group. Human Resource staff want workers to feel engaged and empowered in their jobs. SAP has employee engagement tools available to your organization. Let us help you take advantage of those resources to make your workforce as productive as possible.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

It’s important to have big data at your disposal; but data on its own is meaningless without the ability to turn it into useful information. The technology, processes and procedures that go into integrating and analyzing your data, and your customer’s data, are what really matter. This is Business Intelligence. Business intelligence solutions alone help provide you the ability to see what happened yesterday and what’s happening today. While you can make sound decisions with BI information, predictive analytics enables you to see where you need to be in the future. We are experts at harnessing data and incorporating Business Intelligence to improve your predictive abilities.

Industry Experience

Whatever your business sector, SAP has tools to help, and CES has the experience to incorporate and support them. SAP currently serves an impressive variety of business including: energy and natural resources such as: building products, chemicals, mining, oil and gas and utilities; financial services including banking and insurance; consumer industries like retail, fashion, agribusiness and consumer products; service industries such as: airlines, railways, telecommunications and travel; plus other industries including aerospace, defense, and automotive etc. The list goes on and on. The strength of CES’s ability to deliver SAP’s solutions, is as impressive as the diverse assortment of SAP services themselves.

Regardless of your business category or model, CES has the technical know-how to propel your enterprise by decreasing your total cost of ownership, improving your response times and creating an overall better user experience for you and your customer.

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