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Mitigating the Yard Management Challenges with CES Custom Mobile Application Development Services

Mitigating YMS challenges

Within the life cycle of logistics, the yard holds a pivotal position, being capable of streamlining or disrupting the entire supply chain. Effective yard management is the linchpin that ensures smooth flow of goods, on-time delivery, and cost-efficient operations.

However, several manufacturers experience operational bottlenecks in managing their yards. In this blog, we will explore the common challenges in yard management and how CES’s Custom Mobile Application Development Services helped their customers address these issues effectively.

Challenges in Yard Management

Depending on the organization, yard management presents a myriad of challenges. Here are a few prominent obstacles that impact overall yard management:  

Lack of Visibility: Limited visibility of trailers, containers, and personnel movement poses challenges for Yard Managers and Jockeys, leading to delays, errors, congestion, and security concerns during the docking process.

Communication Barrier: Large yards with multiple teams often face communication challenges, impeding efficient coordination between warehouse staff and yard jockeys. This can lead to increased errors, delayed decision-making, and overall disorganization in yard management.

Inefficient Task Management: Inefficient task management poses challenges for yard supervisors, resulting in wasted resources, disrupted workflows, and increased costs, specifically when tasks related to coordinating the movement of goods are not allocated and executed efficiently.

Manual Operations: Relying entirely on manual systems and paper records slows down the operations, increases errors for administrative staff, and amplifies these hurdles as operations expand, demanding even more manual work.

Yard Jockey Inefficiency: Inefficient performance by yard jockeys can lead to congestion, delays, and operational issues, given their vital responsibility in organizing assets and prioritizing tasks.

Redefine Yard Management with CES’s Proven Technological Expertise

As a reliable partner, we help our customers redefine their yard management by building custom mobile solutions to optimize operations, streamline processes, and enhance the overall supply chain.

Let’s delve into the comprehensive solution engineered by CES through their custom mobile application development capabilities for YMS, which help customers overcome yard management challenges effectively.

Geofencing: Using geofencing, we ensured that Yard Jockeys only utilize the app within specific areas, enhancing asset security in the yard.

Scheduler: Our proficient team developed a scheduling functionality to efficiently organize vehicle and asset movements at loading docks, reducing delays and boosting productivity in the supply chain.

Asset Management: Through continuous monitoring and maintenance, we optimize efficiency and enhance security within the yard by supervising assets in the Customer’s Yard Management System.

Real-time notification: We incorporated the real-time alert functionality into the customer’s YMS, promptly informing stakeholders about yard operations, promoting transparency, and allowing proactive decision-making.

CES Success Story: Hassle-Free Admin Experience for CES Clients

Introduction:  When harnessed effectively, Yard Management Systems (YMS) can be an asset for businesses. CES optimized business operations for one of the largest global bottling plants in the USA by seamlessly integrating the Yard Management solution into their existing application.

Problem Statement: Manual operations were impacting overall efficiency and contributing to inefficient staff administration, resulting in delayed updates from the yard jockeys, performance issues, and inaccuracies in data.

The CES Solution:

  • Our skilled team developed a custom mobile application compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Operating systems with a seamless user interface and navigation.
  • The solution was built using Xamarin Forms in .NET and C# technologies with advanced functionalities like Geofencing, In-app notifications, and Offline Mode capabilities.
  • The newly developed mobile application was integrated with the customer’s YMS admin portal, enabling real-time data synchronization between both applications and allowing instant updates on the plant and users.

Automating manual operations resulted in:

  • Minimized chaos and bottlenecks from manual operations. 
  • Efficient staff administration for Yard Jockeys. 
  • Improved employee experience.  
  • Effective performance analysis which included Yard Jockeys’ working hours. 
  • Real-time updates of the tasks for better visibility. 

Streamline and Redefine your Yard Management Process with CES

With years of unwavering commitment to helping businesses, combined with a collaborative approach, and our team’s in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturers in yard management, we can identify your unique pain points and develop tailor-made mobile application solutions to streamline your operations and drive productivity.

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