Implementing industry best practices in production planning and scheduling


The manufacturing industry is no longer bound by traditional technologies and processes. Cloud infrastructure, SaaS based ERP services and similar disruptive technologies are creating phenomenal opportunities to optimize operations and enable businesses to scale new heights.



SaaS is not just a disruptive technology or service but a fundamental shift in creating a better business model. Since 2016, CES has been implementing SaaS ERP platforms and helping companies in the manufacturing industry modernize their technology landscape. CES also provides support services to SAAS customers and helps them manage or upgrade applications. Learn more

Cloud Infrastructure Services

CES helps its customers increase productivity and speed up deliveries by adopting Cloud Infrastructure. This radical shift in business technology has enabled customers to enjoy the benefits such as greater reliability, availability, and scalability. It also gave them cost advantage over companies that are not leveraging cloud as part of their business strategy. Learn more

CES Cloud Computing
Manufacturing Case study

Case Study

Read how CES achieved 300% reduction in shopping cart abandonment goals and 100% CSAT goals for a niche apparel retailer. More

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