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Alternative Asset Management, Tax Services

Fastening the process, saving time, and minimizing workload to provide tax pack reports in time bound manner.


Client is a global, multi-strategy alternative investment management firm based in Los Angeles, CA.


Investment Management



Engagement Details

Service Type: Tax

Model: Offshore

Business Need

  • Global Entity Management, assist FBAR filings, Global KYC, Bank Admin and Preparation of various tax forms, validation of vendor invoices, assist Tax filings for various funds to auditors. Taking care of various tasks related to equity and corporate.

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  • Providing tax pack reports in a time bound manner.
  • Obtaining right EIN from IRS for new entities outside US.

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  • Provided Tax package reports from time to time enabling auditors to file returns.
  • Provide Global entity Management services such as formations, Maintenance, and dissolutions.
  • Provide all the necessary KYC documents requested by Brokers, Banks for Onboarding Trades and opening of bank accounts.
  • Assist FBAR filings by collecting all the data points required for filings.
  • Communicated with IRS to procure EIN for new entities.
  • Assisting sales & use tax filings.
  • Calculation of Incentives, Tax Advances, and Distributions.
  • Validation of Equity Distribution Statements.
  • Updated and prepared procedure documents as per changes in tax laws from time to time.



  • Minimizing the workload for US, EMEA, and APAC staff.
  • Providing the reports within the stipulated time to clients.
  • Dedicated employees to respond to ad-hoc requests and last-minute updates to fasten the process and save on time, which resulted in business profits.

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