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Finance & Accounting

Scalable, maintainable, and reusable frameworks with automated critical environment patching reduced development time and eliminated manual dependencies.


US based multi-strategy alternative investment management firm


Alternative Asset Management



Engagement Details

Service Type: Financial Management
Model: Offshore

Business Needs

  • Develop framework to perform Vulnerability & Patch Management.
  • Provide L2 and L3 support services..

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  • Deploying patches onto servers in a complex environment.
  • Remediating long tail updates to resolve older vulnerabilities.
  • Deploy and remediate security patches on to servers and workstations with minimal downtime.


  • Developed a custom framework to deploy patches onto Servers and workstations without any business impact.
  • This framework helps in deploying security patches in phase wise with a defined schedules.
  • Developed a workflow to identify the latest vulnerabilities and patches that can be deployed to remediate zero day vulnerabilities.
  • Provided the below L2 and L3 support services:
  • Implementing and maintaining vulnerability and patch management services.
  • Also, provided production support for the client on tools like Security Center and SCCM.


  • Framework is scalable, easy to maintain and re-usable which in turn reduces the development by big margin.
  • Eliminated the manual dependency through the automation process of patching critical environment.

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