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Unwavering commitment to availability, performance and security

Oracle is well known to be the database management systems of choice for a majority of corporations around the globe. It is known for its reliable performance, high availability and robust security.


A high availability service or application requires maximum potential uptime and accessibility. There are three key elements needed to achieve maximum uptime; redundancy, monitoring, and failover: Redundancy is required so that multiple components can perform the same task; ensuring that failure of one component can be corrected by another system component. Monitoring examines the system components for proper operation on a constant basis; identifying failures instantly. Failover is the process that initiates a secondary component to take over the role of the primary component in the case of failure of the primary component. CES can configure your Oracle database for peak availability.


For many enterprises, Oracle databases are the lifeblood of their business. It drives critical online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytics (OLAP) processing.

By identifying the most significant bottlenecks and making the appropriate changes to reduce or eliminate the effect of those impediments, we can performance-tune your Oracle database system to be most effective for your organization. Performance tuning requires a different, but related, method to the original configuration of a database system. Configuring a database system requires apportioning resources in an organized manner so the initial system configuration is more functional for your specific implementation. Some tuning is designed during the preproduction phase of development, but given the rapid nature of IT innovation, some tuning will be required after your system is live. Our team of Oracle specialists can tune your system for peak performance whenever the situation dictates.


Oracle is one of the most secure database management systems employed globally. Industries such as banking, retail, food and beverage and healthcare rely heavily on Oracle’s solid security model. For instance, banking and financial institutions would not be able to retain customers who don’t have confidence that their data was secure; or imagine a medical provider system that couldn’t keep it’s patient’s records private. These would be disastrous situations that are easily avoidable with the security capabilities of Oracle.

Oracle utilizes a number of modules to ensure that your data remains safe and secure. To protect sensitive data, Oracle provides a tool called Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). TDE encrypts sensitive data stored in data files to prevent unauthorized data access. TDE stores the encryption keys in an external security module apart from the database. This module is called a keystore. Data assembly features are also available to allow redaction of sensitive data, such as credit card or social security numbers. Sensitive user information is protected by Oracle Database Vault. This feature protects lower level user’s data from access by privileged users. At CES we can help you incorporate all of Oracle’s reliable security features to protect your data.

We can also support extensive needs in the areas of report development, database support, testing services, upgrade services and cloud services; in addition to implementation services, ERP selection, greenfield implementation, geography rollouts and Edge applications.

Our expertise in Oracle, amassed from more than 20 years of proven experience, enables us to provide powerful solutions to global customers and establishes us as a “One Stop Oracle Provider”. You’ll have quick access to our diverse pool of experts, experienced in every technology and solution practice with our flexi-engage model. This time-tested model enables you to explore new technologies/modules. No matter where you start with our Oracle managed services, we are the supreme choice of Oracle consultants for you.

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