Digitizing complex judgement activities and simplifying business processes

At CES Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Services, our process automation services are broadly classified into two categories; Business Process Automation, and Cognitive and Robotic Process Automation.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

BPA is the automation of complex business operations through the use of technology. It can streamline business processes for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, upgrade service quality, boost service delivery and cut costs. Generally, BPA implements process automation by manipulating the user interface layer rather than diving into the roots of application code or databases on the back end of the process. Through the use of BPA, CES delivers solutions that reduce the on-hand, technical staff requirements of its clients.

CES will integrate software applications and human interaction throughout your organization to strengthen your enterprise processes; reducing the amount of labor required by your employees to carry out their daily tasks. We concentrate our efforts on labor optimization; in-turn, growing your business through workforce enhancement. Reach out to our BPA expert to discuss the optimal roadmap based on your organization’s needs and objectives.

Cognitive and Robotic Process Automation (CRPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) emulates repetitive tasks performed by humans, realizing productivity gains by reducing the number of steps carried out to complete a particular process. Robotic process automation unleashes monitored or non-monitored software brokers to an organization's environment. These software brokers, otherwise known as bots, are deployed in an attempt to identify and eliminate predefined, repetitive task sets and improve interaction with unstructured data. RPA systems execute their functionality by observing tasks the user performs in the graphical user interface (GUI), then creates the automation by repeating those tasks directly in the GUI. Because certain software products are not flexible enough to offer APIs for automation, RPA technology can be quite useful in improving production capacity under limited conditions.

Robotic process automation, though powerful in its ability to increase productivity, still requires some amount of human interaction to be fully effective. Cognitive automation; however, takes automation one step further, making some decisions in the process that would otherwise be left to the human element. Cognitive Automation supplements robotic process automation by making the link with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It imitates the human thought process as it applies to productivity. Cognitive automation takes advantage of technologies such as natural language processing, text analytics and data mining and machine learning.

The CES approach to BPA and CRPA starts with a thorough assessment of your existing business processes. Through our intense inspection of your processes, we can identify and present opportunities for automation. Using customized solutions, we will deliver comprehensive Proof of Concepts (POCs). Finally, we will integrate AI or manual process automation models.

Businesses across the globe understand the role intelligent automation and CRPA play in solving problems related to productivity lost due to unstructured data and poor process execution. CES brings superior expertise to the business process automation service industry. We take pride in our ability to offer customized automation solutions that take advantage of digital labor model and BPaaS (Business Process as a Service), to deliver maximum cost savings by reducing tedious, repetitive tasks. Contact us to discuss the unique solutions we can design for your enterprise.

Managed Services

Whether or not your business outsources your information technology function, it is essential that your infrastructure and application information technology platforms are accurately managed. CES managed services helps in dealing the day to day operations of your technology domains by analyzing your applications / infrastructures committed to coast effective solutions while improving services levels and end user satisfaction. With over 15+ years of maturity and quality framework, we provide a flexible structure that enables customers to fine tune application management services to meet its information technology and business objectives. Contact us to discuss how we can customize our services for your enterprise.

  • Minimize and prevent online fraud w/o undue “burden” on existing team
  • Immediate resolution of flagged orders w/o delaying customer orders
  • Higher administrative and manual order verification costs
  • Additional rules can lower fraud but cannot handle greater manual reviews
  • Ramping up and down of temp staff during peak seasons is not efficient
  • Expert risk management team reduces online financial losses as a service
  • 100% services-only model with nothing to implement, install or maintain
  • Well-trained fraud prevention professionals as an extension of your team
  • Clear up your fraud and chargeback queues at significant cost savings
  • Any tool, platform and processes of your choosing (e.g. Accertify, cybersource etc.)
  • Ramp up and down team size w / o worrying about training and on-boarding of staff
  • 100% dedicated resourcing model with free project management

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