CES is a leading player in HRO, offering scalable and flexible solutions across a wide range of industries. We work as a seamless extension of your in-house hiring teams and provide end-to-end talent acquisition solutions by finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring the best candidates with faster turnaround times to meet all your corporate hiring goals.

We offer high quality and cost-effective talent acquisition solutions to refine and optimize your sourcing and recruiting strategies.

Strategic Sourcing

Organizations are under constant pressure due to a shortage of talent of required skills and qualifications when trying to recruit the best talent available in such scenarios. The critical sourcing tasks involve wider coverage of the talent pool, to identify and develop an excellent talent pipeline.

Over the years, we have developed a sophisticated talent sourcing methodology for hard to fill positions.

Our sourcing experts will closely work with your hiring teams, understand your requirements, and develop a candidate database that fits your corporate culture and needs.

Our strength is in using multiple sources involving various industry job boards and finding active and passive candidates from LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Our team of researchers can also develop a list of potential candidates from industry groups and forums for broader coverage, and find you rare talent effectively and efficiently.


  • Increased sourcing capacity and reduced cost
  • Improved coverage in building the talent pipeline as per technology, domain, and geography
  • Improved quality of hiring that saves time and money

Candidate Screening

The screening process is one of the most time-consuming activities in the recruiting life cycle. This is particularly true when a large number of resumes are submitted for a given job requirement.

Screening tasks not only involve sorting resumes, but also comprehensive search and assessment process to qualify a candidate’s suitability as per job specifications, which unfortunately results in delayed hiring.

Our experienced screeners have strong industry expertise and outstanding communication skills. They will assist you in a thorough screening of a large volume of resumes. Then they will shortlist the best available talent by validating the skills and experience of candidates against job specifications.

Our screening involves thorough resume validation, technical prescreening, validation for the role, salary requirements, and cultural compatibility. Our screening support will save your time from this tedious process so that your team can spend quality time on the next hiring phase.


  • Ready to work with a list of shortlisted candidates
  • Improved internal efficiency of your team
  • Time and cost savings

Passive Recruitments

A challenge that many hiring managers face is finding top talent. This is because often, these people are not actively looking for jobs.

The passive recruiting process requires experience and a strong network to hunt the right resource for you. With over 20 years of experience in global recruitment, we have excellent expertise in identifying hidden talent, many of whom are not actively searching for employment and have gone undiscovered by other talent hunters in the industry.

Our recruiting team attracts candidates through professional networks, social media sites, blogs, referrals, and headhunting to build an effective talent pipeline. This involves identifying, attracting, and soliciting passive talent while understanding individual job preferences, skills, education background, motives, and commitments.


  • Access to active, passive and hidden candidates
  • Improved interview conversions and onboarding
  • Better retention of hired candidates

Executive Hiring

The success of your organization depends on hiring the right candidates for the right job at the right time. However, hiring managers are always juggling between handling many critical job requirements, hunting for the top talent, and meeting stringent hiring deadlines. This makes their job tricky.

We specialize in end-to-end recruitment services, where our team of professional recruiters will help you hire the right talent while adhering to your process, quality, and deadlines. Our recruiting team will work in tandem with your onsite team and assist you at each stage of your recruiting process.

Starting with understanding and analyzing your hiring needs, we will source, screen, shortlist, and quickly push through each stage of the process swiftly and efficiently.

We have the unique distinction of recruiting for a broad spectrum of industries and open positions, from C-Suite senior management and mid-level management roles to junior/nonexempt positions. Our recruiters utilize social media and job broadcasting functionalities to promote positions through multiple channels. They also manage the responses down to every detail while maintaining candidate relationships and constantly engaging with clients on progress reporting until the right candidates are on-board.

With our end-to-end recruiting services in place, you can optimize your workforce, reduce operational costs and risks, increase productivity, and improve your ROI. Still, you can re-allocate resources to other vital initiatives.


  • Conversion of fixed overhead costs to variable costs
  • Reduction in hiring time

Talent Mapping

Research support services provide quantitative and qualitative information about your recruitment strategies to study market growth or decline. We also offer services relating to the position, potential, and direction for a business involving qualitative studies, like market research, and competitor analysis, etc.

If you face challenges related to specific roles affecting company profits, or important positions that are vacant for a long time, while making sure you are clear about your prospective employees, then talent mapping allows a comprehensive long-term outlook of market trends in talent industry to build relationships for the future. Talent mapping is also relevant if you want to know what industry trends are, or want to take up benchmarking exercise of your compensation benefits packages.

We develop talent market research, and potential candidates profiling/lead generation, contact validation by identifying a group of individuals for one or more specific roles build market intelligence and provide in-depth analysis while adapting to your business plans.


  • Helps businesses avoid the delay and cost involved in replacing talented resources
  • Builds talent pipeline to meet future demands
  • Builds market intelligence

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