In today’s dynamic environment where your strategic initiatives frequently change, project staffing and consulting requirements also change as dependency on specialized skills is of utmost importance to the success of your business plans.

Our expert recruiters will evaluate your project needs and develop a detailed recruiting strategy to meet your objectives. From a single engineer all the way to a team of professionals, we will recruit quality professionals you need to complete your project within the specified time frame.

Project staffing services give you on-demand assistance to manage recruitment spikes, short term recruiting projects, and specialized needs without the added overhead. Whether you need to build a sales team quickly for a new product launch or build your entire engineering team from scratch, project staffing is especially beneficial for high volume needs within a defined period.

We have more than two decades of experience working on small- and large-scale projects that involve finding and deploying the ideal talent. We, both internally and externally, augment the engagement while accomplishing your project on time and within budget.

Through the years, we have accumulated a comprehensive pool of resources that enable us to tackle any project challenges, regardless of complexity and scale. We have the flexibility to help you plan, develop, implement, and manage your range of initiatives in recruiting resources for a specific project.


  • Access scalable resources – This gives you added control over the project budget and schedule
  • Create customized solutions to meet your precise needs
  • Timelines and budget management
  • Specialized resources and capabilities

Volume Based Hiring

We often experience a great rush of hiring requirements from fast-growing organizations; it comes in big volumes, and with tight deadlines. We can take some of the load off your shoulders.

We offer volume recruitment services specially adapted to large scale projects throughout North America. Our process involves quickly adapting to and/or re-engineering internal processes. This adds value in successfully identifying qualified candidates for multiple opportunities in a single job category and handling these multiple job categories while simultaneously creating an employer brand by utilizing our internal tools.

Our approach involves:

  • An analysis of the project context
  • A proposal of a practical methodology and composition of a dedicated project team
  • The development and establishment of a candidate identification strategy
  • Scheduling and presentation of the recommended candidates and the final decision and supervision of integration.


  • Lowered cost and risk sharing - Flexible and scalable solutions to accommodate your fluctuating needs
  • Reduce your hiring load by scaling up
  • Collaborative hiring to support a large number of requirements

Industry Specific Hiring

We are aware that employers in many industries, like IT, telecom, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, food, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and financial services, etc. are struggling to meet their staffing needs while retaining their top talent, recruiting skilled and unskilled resources and managing organizational change.

Our experience not only spans decades, but it also spans industries. We employee dedicated subject matter recruitment specialists. They have rich industry-specific experience in recruiting some of the most exceptional candidates in industry jobs, who will be able to handle junior to executive level positions for our clients.

By immersing ourselves fully in your business, we gain the necessary understanding of your market, your culture, and your people. From there, we will customize a strategy that supports specific objectives while integrating seamlessly with your current systems and processes.

Our key industries include information technology, telecommunications, automotive, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, life science, hospitality, insurance, retail, defense, oil and gas, energy, and medical devices.


  • More immediate identification/access to adequately qualified candidates
  • Expertise in overall recruiting, screening, and on-boarding candidates
  • Specialized resources and capabilities
  • Flexibility to meet seasonal or unexpected needs (temporary, part-time, and contract)

Vendor Management Services

In the current competitive market atmosphere, it is a challenge for hiring managers to acquire contingent staff at a reasonable price, manage high volume requirements, and constantly engage with multiple vendors.

Vendor Management Services (VMS) provides you with one primary point of contact for all your staffing needs. We handle the flow of job orders to and from the approved supplier community. This gives you the ability to track and control your spending while ensuring your requirements are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our VMS solution immediately organizes and improves contingent workforce visibility, enabling you to make intelligent on-demand business decisions as we customize solutions to fit your specific workforce objectives.


  • Increased internal efficacy with managing contingent workforce hiring
  • Increased vendor performance and managed vendor risk
  • Reduces costs and saves time

Geographic Specific Hiring

The key to business success while meeting deadlines depends on having extended support specific to strategic location requirement.

With operations in North America and Asia, our organization can provide recruitment process outsourcing solutions that meet the complex, ever-changing global demands of your business.

We understand your target needs working in your specific location. We provide 24 / 5 services where we work in 3 shifts. We extend support to our clients as per your required time zone by facilitating efficient teams round the clock and adapting ourselves to your business needs and strategies. With our geography specific services, you can take full advantage of our knowledge of local legislation, market conditions, and sourcing strategies to improve quality while decreasing cost and risk.


  • Increased access to talent
  • Strategic use of location-based hiring results in faster hiring and onboarding
  • Saves time and money
  • Improves the quality of hires

Vendor Neutral Program

CES, as a single point of contact, manages entire recruitment service levels covering all professional and nonprofessional skill sets from clerical, call center, industry-specific IT, and finance to sales, and engineering requirements. Our emphasis is on relationships through direct and well-organized communication with vendors in creating a competitive environment based on performance while providing the most effective workforce solutions.


  • Increased internal efficacy with managing contingent workforce hiring
  • Increased vendor performance and managed vendor risk
  • Reduces costs and saves time

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Ayyappa Puranam

Manager - Client Operations

Ayyappa is the manager of client operations and he has been actively managing client accounts relentlessly working towards the growth of the company with his sales and recruiting initiatives in the mortgage industry.