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Case Study

Case study

CES end-to-end farm management software delivers up to 60% cost savings to the largest fresh multi-berry producer in the world, with an optimal mix of onsite – offshore engagement model. More

Integrate your business with CES Farm Management Solutions

As the scale of agriculture has grown, the labor requirement per unit of productive space has steadily decreased. The development of new tools and improving crop breeding techniques have all steadily removed barriers to the limitations of productivity since time immemorial.

The next great leap forward in this industry is the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IoT is a network design philosophy that promotes integrating all devices not through physical connections, but through the internet.

IoT enables your devices to both transmit data to and receive information from our services at any time necessary. Simultaneously, our technology experts can help your business with integration solutions to convert your operation into a cohesive unit, all acting in perfect synchrony to deliver you consistent results.

CES Farm Management Service Offerings

With our services, you can expect the implementation of only the most advanced available materials. We have a diverse range of experience in building robust applications for every aspect of the farm management industry, all of which we synthesize to bring you best-in-class performance at every phase of the operation.

CES services don’t stop there. In addition to outfitting your fields with automated equipment to handle the basic labors of farming, we can:

  • assist you further with your bottom line by implementing robust accounting applications
  • offer custom mapping visualizations that allows you to see, using either shape files or GIS data, vital information such as soil data, nutrient layers of the farm etc.,
  • help you build your own inventory management system, including industry-standard barcodes and custom warehouse management software

Our Approach

To ensure consistency in the quality of our performance, CES experts have experience in designing solutions on top of industry standard equipment and third-party services that give you the ability to respond to any challenges that may arise. On the farm, we have helped customers in building a comprehensive and thoroughly interconnected network, featuring:

  • Sensors that detect everything from temperature to local humidity at all times
  • Farm equipment that respond to sensory inputs and perform various operations
  • Applicators for crop protectants and nutrients, that can utilize the same sensory data or enact scheduled distributions

Fully modernizing your farm is not the end. Our service begins there and consequently extends into many aspects of managing your business that can propel you to success. With Agvance, you can handle your accounting using our own custom built apps for warehouse management. CES farm management services are a package deal that cover everything your agriculture enterprise needs. We have the resources to expedite business operations in this industry and cut your operating costs simultaneously, even down to something as trivial as timesheet data collection.

We take a mobile-first, cross-platform design approach in the implementation of our software, that ensures all our displays can be accessed on any device at work or on the go. Our barcodes are compatible with mobile scanners, while our visualization data is made to work with the smallest screens first.

At CES, providing maximum value to you is our priority. Our technology guarantees that the very devices powering your farm will always keep a watchful eye on the farm's well-being so that you can enjoy the bountiful harvests your business depends on at a reduced personal labor cost. Get in touch with us to discuss how we could help you achieve your enterprise’s immediate and long term goals.

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