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Result oriented, simple and predictable business models to meet your budget and needs

Adding greater number of products to e-commerce websites quickly, accurately and cost effectively is a universal goal and a challenge whether you are a large retailer/marketplace with millions of products or perhaps a smaller regional retailer on a tight budget and resources.

Regardless of your e-commerce focus and revenue, your foundation must be solid across:

  • Product Data – Standardized, complete and accurate product specifications
  • Product Copy – SEO optimized original and engaging product descriptions
  • Product Images – High-quality product images that do the “talking”

For 10+ years, CES has been helping online merchandizing and e-commerce teams with its product data, product copy and product image editing services that extend beyond optimizing existing product page elements; you can certainly count on CES for building new product assortments and catalogs from scratch as per your tone, style and online taxonomy.

  • 10+ years of successful track record with retailers and marketplaces of all types and sizes
  • Result oriented, simple and predictable business models to meet your budget and needs
  • Client-specific dedicated teams deliver excellent results as an extension of your internal teams
  • You own the data and all CES deliverables

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SEO Copywriting

SEO optimized, original and engaging product copy provides the needed fuel for online conversions and superior customer engagement. Ecommerce executives understand the benefits and value of original and engaging product content. However, due to shrinking budgets, it is not always feasible to build large in-house product copy teams. In addition, seasonal fluctuations in demand force content departments to make undesirable tradeoffs – i.e. use duplicate content and Meta keywords – instead of creating SEO optimized original content.

For 15+ years, largest retailers and smaller web-only businesses have relied on CESfor their ecommerce product copy needs. Whether your monthly product copy needs are a couple of hundred of products or many thousands, CES has proven expertise in delivering SEO optimized original product copy in your tone and style across diverse categories.

Our pricing and quality tend to be better than crowdsourcing alternatives. Also, there are no set up or project management fees and you enjoy the same low rate for next day delivery. Our business model is very straightforward – a low price per copy in your tone and style.

Are you interested in seeing your cost savings with CES without any obligation? We will just need some test SKU’s to provide a price per copy proposal for your current or future needs.

  • Expert Copywriters – Our in-house copywriters deliver high-quality results at great prices
  • Originality Ensured – We provide original and engaging product copy that is owned by clients
  • Scalability Achieved – We deliver product copy at scale without sacrificing on quality
  • Flexibility Offered – We ramp up and down to meet seasonal needs across diverse categories
  • Quality Guaranteed - We deliver high-quality content in your tone & style

Image Retouching

Post-production of ecommerce images is often expected to be completed within 24 hours of photoshoots. In addition, many photo studios find themselves having to edit and retouch vendor-provided images as per their imaging guidelines. Besides the need for faster time-to-market, intense budgetary pressures have led many retailers to seek ecommerce retouching assistance from both on-shore and off-shorevendors.

For 15+ years, CES has provided ecommerce retouching assistance to retailers of alltypes and sizes as their extended teams. Over the years many image retouching vendors have sprung up making exaggerated/false claims, while having questionable business practices and ethics.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, reputable and competent off-shore retouchingpartner, our success and track record speaks for itself across all types of ecommerce image editing and retouching. If you like your vendor’s pricing but you are not happy with their missed deadlines, engagement or quality issues; you will be much better off with CES on all metrics as your trusted partner.

Would you like to see how much you will save with CES for your image retouching requirements? We just need some test images to demonstrate our high quality and your cost savings. There is no obligation or commitment on your part to complete a benchmarking test with CES.

SKU Building

Having complete, accurate and standardized product information and assets for online SKU’s is a must regardless of a retailer type, size and business priorities. Online merchandizing managers understand the need to meaningfully categorize their products, ensure faced navigation, and present product information to shoppers in a structured manner so their digital tools and platforms can deliver the intended benefits – greater conversions and revenue growth.

Many retailers continue to fall short and/or fall behind for main some reasons like:

  • They are hoping their suppliers will provide complete and standardized product dataand assets
  • A technology tool or platform will make the problems go away
  • Build a large in-house team to clean up and optimize their product pages

For 15+ years, we have been helping retailers and marketplaces of all types and sizes with our custom SKU building services. Many retailers have transitioned from building SKU’s in spreadsheets to addressing product data quality issues in tools and platforms, thereby needing assistance with data quality and completeness in tools vs. spreadsheets.

Whether you are building SKU’s in a top-notch ecommerce system or still using Excel-based item set up templates, our merchandizing assistants can help you as your extended team. If you think you can benefit from having a cost effective, competent and flexible SKU building service, we are confident that we can assist you in a differentiated manner. Our business model can be a low price per SKU’s or dedicated merchandizing assistants (FTE’s) as a monthly service.

Why Choose CES?

  • One stop shop for customer engagement, content optimization and consulting services
  • Strong capabilities - Excellent turnaround and process compliance
  • Skilled resource pool - Our resources are well versed with processes & possess excellent communication skills
  • Work culture - The attrition rate is less than 2%, in alignment with our unique work culture and employee friendly processes
  • Flexible Model - Flexible engagement models

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